Geek Out Board Game

Date Tue, June 6 2017

Geek Out has been on my shopping list for some time. As a geek and board game lover, I seem to be the perfect audience!

Playskool Games did send me some sample cards a couple years back, but the pack was too small to really determine if the game would be fun. It only cemented that the premise was something that interested me.

I finally received this game as a gift last month and was pretty excited to try it out! I got the chance this weekend, so the experience is still pretty fresh in my mind.

In short, Geek Out is a trivia game where your group of friends can outbid one another in an effort to prove who can geek out the most about a specific topic. If you can prove your dominance and accrue 5 points before anyone else, you win!

The game consists of one die, hundreds of cards and point tiles. My one gripe might be that a much smaller box would be enough to contain Geek Out. The box is unnecessarily large to hold mostly cards with questions on them.

Every question requires you to name a certain number of people/things/facts in the categories of comics, games, fantasy Sci-Fi, and misc geekery, including:

  • Batman villains
  • Computer makers
  • Female astronauts
  • Franchises in which Egyptian gods appear
  • Games that take place on Mars
  • etc

If you can name more than anyone else, you can steal points. There were several times where our lists were a dozen items long or more, and people frequently wound up counting on their fingers to keep track of the geeky trivia. We even joked about needing a paper and pen to keep track.

Of course, this isn’t to say that it was exactly easy. Remember something off the top of your head is never as easy as it sounds, and Geek Out proves this.

We played in a group of six people, everyone with their own geeky interests and certainly some crossover. It quickly became apparent that there was a lot of arguing over semantics and technicalities while playing Geek Out, but I think that made it more enjoyable. We had to discuss what the card meant and whether X or Y counted, which encouraged conversations about geeky topics.

Another type of discussion that occurred frequently during Geek Out happened after the winner of each round had named a number of his or her geeky names/places/things. There would undoubtedly be a person who would say “Ah, but you forgot X!” and we would all nod about something we’d forgotten about. In this way, Geek Out provided us with a bit of nostalgia.

While I enjoyed the discussion and nostalgia, not everyone did. The questions on the cards fall into different categories and cover tons of different pop culture franchises (Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, DC and Marvel comics, Back to the Future, and Star Wars to name just a few), but there was usually someone who was left out each round because they just didn’t know something about the current question. There’s definitely room in some of the more open-ended questions to mention your favorite book/movie/tv show/game/author/series/etc that no one else might know, but some questions are bound to leave people out in the cold. If you can keep up the pace, this might not be a huge deal. But Geek Out is probably going to get old quickly for some people.

I did enjoy Geek Out, and we didn’t make it through all the cards. But I can imagine that you wouldn’t want to play this game all the time or with the same group of people. Still, it is nice to geek out every now and then!

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