Hearing Things Game

Date Wed, April 4 2018

I recently had a chance to play Hearing This, a game by Hasbro that I had not previously heard of. Hearing Things is like Mad Gab, Speak Out and similar games in which

Hearing Things Game you must try to guess the phrase that your partner (the game is meant for four teams of at least two people each; four players is ideal) is saying.

Rather than making it hard for your teammate to speak or using cleverly-crafted phrases, Hearing Things requires the partner to put on a pair of electronic headphones that play music and noise. You’re left relying on lip reading and the occasional sound that filters through the headphones to guess.

Sometimes those guesses are quite absurd. If you’re not an adept lip-reader, then Hearing Things may be more difficult. But this also makes it more difficult as you have no idea what someone is saying or keep guessing things wrong. Keep the drinks on the table while playing this game if you don’t want a spitting mess.

It was also easy to hear people sometimes. I found this interesting because the music/noise was sometimes overpowering and loud. If you’re sensitive to sounds, then this game might give you a headache, and I would not recommend it.

And because you have to use the headset, which requires batteries, Hearing Things isn’t the most travel-friendly game around. If that headset happens to somehow break, you’re going to wind up not being able to play the game ever again. I’m always wary of games like these.

Hearing Things game

Headset and cards for Hearing Things

Overall, Hearing Things was worth a few laughs. and I would play it again. But it’s the type of game I’d prefer to play at someone else’s house and not buy myself, especially not for the $20 price tag. While that’s not breaking the bank, you can spend less and get more out of a game. Or you can spend al little more and get a board game that’s more involved and has more replayability.

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