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Date Fri, July 3 2015

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The above image pretty much sums up how I, and much of the Internet, feels about this year. It’s 2015, and some of our favorite franchises have been renewed. In all honesty, I didn’t gush over Jurassic Park the way some people did. In fact, I can’t even remember seeing it for the first time, but I  do remember rewatching it a couple years ago.

I wouldn’t have gone to see it in theaters at all had so many people not gushed over how much they loved it. I had high expectations going into it. Honestly, it was quite similar with Guardians of the Galaxy, which Chris Pratt also starred in. At this rate, I have to wonder if the man can do any wrong?!

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Jurassic World

So Chris Pratt is a dino wrangler in Jurassic World, an island theme park featuring real dinosaurs resurrected from dinosaur DNA that’s been combined with other animals’ DNA to manufacture fearsome creatures and keep tourism boosting. There’s some science but more science fiction and, of course, one character who serves the purpose of pointing out where that line exists. Of course, people are kind of bored with dinos — everyone except that one kid who knows everything about them, of course — so they’ve got to up the ante. Otherwise, we’d have to deal with even more of Zach’s (Nick Robinson) brooding over having to accompany his dorky little brother to Jurassic World while their aunt Claire (Bryce Howard) ignores them.

Now, there will be people who complain that the characters are flat and don’t develop much. They’re not wrong. The cliched and sexist writing of Claire feels pretty dated if I’m being honest. And there isn’t as much chemistry between all the characters as they would have us believe, but I don’t think that’s the point of this movie. Sure, it would have been a better movie if this were the case, but there were still touching moments between characters and, not to mention, the dinosaurs. I think the ability for the dinos to express emotions and for the actors to “respond” to that is pretty impressive, even in 2015!

These same people will probably argue against the anti-consumer rhetoric they believe the movie is touting. Maybe this is something I don’t notice but I generally agree, but when you have people suggesting that you use dinosaurs — you know, those big animals that have the potential to kill by sheer size alone? — for things such as war, can you really get on board with this? Perhaps the leader of that movement was also overly cliche, which made Jurassic World rub some people the wrong way. I don’t know.

What I do know was that I got a movie full of action, adventure, dino-on-dino battles and Chris Pratt. Jurassic World is a Hollywood blockbuster the way they used to make them, and both domestic and international profits have shown that others are just as interests in this franchise as they were, what, twenty years ago? It would be a fun movie to see on a date or with friends and family. It’ll have you scared — especially if you see it in 3D, I’d think — but also being a little thoughtful. Neither of those things is bad, in my opinion.

Few people can argue about the CGI, which was wonderful. Every beast had so much texture. Their eyes were so realistic it was hard to believe. The dinosaurs really felt like additional characters, which I think worked very well with the plot of this movie. I always thought the original Jurassic Park held up pretty well after all these years, and I think the same will be true for this movie and any others that follow.

And the action was pretty fast, so there was never a moment I was bored. Of course, at about two hours long, this movie is 1/3 shorter than a lot of the films that have come out in theaters lately. I’m talking to you The Hobbit. Blech. Which was nice. It really left me wanting more. Which is what they intended to do all along. When you watch Jurassic World, you realize they’re setting up the next movie.

I’ll probably like that one just as much!

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