Epson Customer Service

Date Sun, September 20 2009

I don’t generally review customer service but I recently had an experience that I felt pretty good about. I’ve reviewed my printer, previously, and I generally liked it. Unfortunately, the last time we tried to use it, it jammed and we had to remove the paper rather forcefully. Of course, this resulted in a no longer functioning printer and I gave Epson a call.

Generally, customer service drags you through trouble shooting steps that will have no effect or that you’ve already taken. When I explained my problem, the representative quickly confirmed that there was nothing else to be done about a hardware failure and that, because the warranty was up, they wouldn’t pay for repairs.

However, she invited me to join their loyalty site where I could buy a new printer at drastically discounted prices. Although I’d still be out money either way, the prices on Epson’s loyalty site were better than any I could find retail. Silly me forgot to buy a printer before those prices expired, unfortunately.

Even though I have a giant paperweight on my desk, I felt that the experience was as positive as it could be. The customer service representative didn’t lead me around in useless circles and I felt like I was rewarded for my patronage. I have had several customer service experiences which have been more negative so it was refreshing.

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