Exquisicat Multicat Scoop Cat Litter

Date Mon, January 21 2013

Exquisicat Multicat Scoop Cat LitterAh, it’s been some time since I last talked about cat litter, hasn’t it. Fortunately for you, this post won’t involve a cubic foot of cat poop; although, this was the cat litter that I was using at the time.

I only bought this litter because I got an awesome 50% off coupon when I was buying cat food at PetSmart. Otherwise, I’m really not in the habit of buying litter in forty pound boxes. However, I rather liked ExquisiCat. The weight is definitely bulky, and it was too strong for the box. I’d like to see this in a plastic container because I wound up ripping the handles when I tried to pour it.

Other than that, it performed really well. I got a scent-free version, and it was also good at masking the scents of the cats using the litter box. It scooped pretty well, and I even felt like I didn’t have to change the litter as frequently as I would have with other products. However, it did seem to get a little sticky toward the end of the box. I wound up emptying the entire litter box when I got new litter.

I actually kind of miss this litter. It’s clay based but wasn’t too dusty after I opened it the first time. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for a coupon. If you’d like to try it yourself, you can get Exquisicat  products exclusively at PetSmart. The forty pound box runs about $14, but the 20-pound option is between $7 and $8 usually, which is about right for cat litter.

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  1. Helga January 22 2013 @ 10:21 am

    I will try this as a fan of good value scoopable litter

  2. Cole January 22 2013 @ 5:22 pm

    I definitely miss it now

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