Eyes on Rimmel Mascaras

Date Mon, May 19 2008

I currently own 2 of Rimmel’s mascaras: Volum’Eyes and Mash Laxxx. Although the product have different claims and are intended for different results, I was surprised at just how different my final opinions were about these mascaras from the same company!

Volum’eyes, which I believe also to be known as Extreme Volume Mascara (they have the same tube design and brush) is the first Rimmel mascara I’d tried. I had had success with other Rimmel products previously and was looking to step up from the drug store brands I had been using for mascara. I choose “001 Black” because, honestly, who needs any other colour?! I digress.

Both of these mascarars take a different approach to the mascara brush tool and with the Volum’Eyes mascara, this is a mistake. The tube claims that Volum’eyes is an “instant full volume comb mascara” that will create “volume & separation for dramatic false lash effect.” Instead I found the brush to be awkward and extremely large and bulky, as the picture illustrates. Also, rather than fine volume and separation, I found myself with sickly looking lashes that many would call “spider” eyelashes. I was not impressed. To top it off, my spider lashed were extremely clumpy probably due to the fact that the large brush collects far too much product to allow a smooth application.

I was open to a new brush style in hopes that it would create a dramatic effect as Volum’Eyes promises. Unfortunately, the promises are empty. Sure, I did get a dramatic effect but it was not the effect anyone would want on their eyelashes. Because of this, I’ve only used Volum’Eyes by Rimmel a handful of times.

On the other hand, Rimmel’s Lash Maxxx Mascara really impressed me with it’s refined brush tool, smooth product consistancy, slick packaging and overall performance. Again I chose black in the waterproof formula.

Where the brush of Volum’Eyes was thick and bulky creating a scary mess, the Lash Maxxx brush is the finely tuned grandchild providing true separation and holding true to its claim of providing “3X multiplying effect.” I was definitely impressed by how gorgeous my lashes looked because of this mascara and where Volum’Eyes left horrible clumps, there were virtually none using Lash Maxxx.

Furthermore, I was equally impressed by just how waterproof this mascara is! I sweat frequently so I was looking for a mascara that would hold up to that without smearing and Lash Maxxx does just that! Unlike other mascaras that may or may not claim to be water proof, including Volum’Eyes, Lash Maxxx has very little if any smearing under wet conditions.

I was also unexpectedly delighted to find that this mascara hold curls fairly well. It far outperforms any other mascara I have ever used in this aspect.

Overall, Lash Maxxx mascara by Rimmel created a dramatic yet clean look with little clumping, a high degree of water resistance all the while holding curl in my lashes. I would definitely recommend it.

The winner of this battle, hands down is Rimmel’s Lash Maxxx mascara – a make up which delivers on its promise to create a dramatic multiplying effect with its unique tool.

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