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Date Tue, June 25 2013

When my birthday rolled around, I was surprised with not one but two gifts via Facebook. It was the first time someone’s done this, even though Facebook bugs the crap out of you when alerting you to someone’s birthday.  Now that I know how this system works, I actually kinda like it.

lucky bamboo plant

lucky bamboo plant

You can pick a gift for your friend and send it to them. I got both notices via Facebook on my phone and laptop like I normally would. One gift I wanted so I went ahead and entered my shipping info. I was on my phone and it worked just fine. A couple days later, I received a notification that it had shipped via Facebook but there was no email. That would’ve been nice. I didn’t want the other gift, but the program allows you to swap for something of the same value without letting your gifter know. This is what I did. Then it was just entering shipping information. I did the swapping on my laptop but I imagine it would feel clunkier on a mobile device.

If you’re sending a gift yourself, category options include the following:

  • Fun
  • Gift cards
  • food
  • Beauty
  • Style
  • Plants and flowers
  • Kids
  • Wine
little giraffe plush

little giraffe plush

Some of my favorite items from the options include the lucky bamboo, Laura Mercier lip gloss, whiskey rocks, Olive Garden gift card, bacon and PB cookies, quirky salt and pepper shakes, Little Giraffe Plush Toy and Playful Puppy wine. I love that you can give to a charity like St Jude’s, too. This makes it pretty easy to find a gift for everyone on your list.

The gifts come from several different companies. One was a magnet from CafePress, which arrived just like any order from the site. The second was actually a bamboo plant, and shipping for that was something I as curious about. The stalks were tied in a bunch and plastic wrapped. They came with a square container and rocks in a box full of styrofoam. It worked just fine. There was some information about care, which was good because I know exactly nothing about plants. However, I’m not entirely sure about which company sent it and you don’t seem to have an option about shipping companies. I believe both mine came by the postal service and this is good because I have trouble with FedEd and UPS.

quirky salt and pepper shakers

quirky salt and pepper shakers

Shipping really seems to be my main concern here because everything comes from a different seller. It’s like buying someone on Amazon and then not knowing who or where it’s shipping from. This wasn’t a problem for me but I can imagine some companies might ship better than others, and this isn’t the fault of Facebook.

If you’re at all interested in giving a gift to someone, Facebook gifts allows you to specify how much you want to send and gives your recipient the option to change the gift.  It’s convenient, really, but not perfect.

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