Family Feud 2 vs Family Feud and Friends

Date Fri, August 15 2014

I’ve recently added a few new games to my phone, so why not review those apps? One of them is Family Feud 2, the followup to the original, which made the list of the top 5 apps I use. I decided to give it a try because a friend of mine uses it and we could play together. Additionally, I’ve played the first game so much so that I’ve gotten many of the same questions, so answering isn’t a challenge when I just have to remember answers I’ve seen before.

Family Feud 2 also works better on Facebook. The game I play on there is exactly the same as the one I play on my phone. Family Feud and Friends on Facebook is different than the one on your mobile device. They don’t integrate, which is a bummer. And weird. No doubt the developers took this into consideration when developing the new game.

For the most part, game play remains the same. There are three rounds during which you try to guess up to 6 of the most-popular answers to a particular question. Each round has a three strikes rule. Then, there’s a lightning round you get to move on to if you’ve been the winner. You get points worth the value of answers and bonuses for doing things like coming up with all the answers. If you beat your friends, you get bragging rights and can share to Facebook. If you don’t quite beat the quick money round, you can ask for your friends to play to help you. This earns both you and them points.

You can directly play rounds against your friends in Family Feud 2. In the first, you play a round then issue a daily challenge for your friends to beat your high score.

I’ve only been playing Family Feud for a couple days, but it seems slightly less.. fun than the original. Perhaps it’s because my friends aren’t as active in this game. I also feel that while the creators tried to update graphics, they sort of just wound up making them cheesier. For the most part, the look of the original game is more appealing to my eyes. However, the animations take less time with Family Feud 2, so you can finish a round in less time. I like this.

Family Feud vs Family Feud 2 Design

Family Feud vs Family Feud 2 Design


Family Feud 2 also  MPoints integration. Yyou can earn these points when you help friends, issue challenges and perform the fast money rounds. After every 100 points, you an enter into a sweepstakes for various prizes. I typically opt for the Amazon gift card. Once you enter 20 times and earn 20 “punches,” you get a $1 Amazon gift card. Essentially, if I play and earn 100 points every day, I’ll earn $1 in less than a month just for having fun. I earned 100 points just for playing Family Feud 2.

MPoints looks the same

MPoints looks the same

Both games use coins. In Family Feud and Friends, you’ll get at least 3 free coins with the spin every day. You can use coins to advance to the Fast Money round even if you weren’t the winner to get extra points. In Family Feud 2, the coins are in multiples of ten — 10, 20, 30. You need 30 coins to start a game rather than the 2 coins per the original. You cannot move on to Fast Money with coins. Family Feud 2 stresses in-app purchases with real money, and why wouldn’t it? That’s the way the world works now.

In-app purchases are more heavily featured

In-app purchases are more heavily featured

Family Feud 2 does enable you to earn more free coins after waiting a while. So I’m able to play at least 3 games per day. I can also play tournaments, which cost 50 each. Tournaments use a bracket setup, and you can win up to 150 coins if you’re the best out of 6 players. However, you have to advance to at least level 5 to open up tournaments. You can do this by playing your friends or random matches in the game. When you level up, it obnoxiously makes your phone vibrate and shows up in the status bar even if you’re already in the game because of course you are!

Family Feud 2 Versus and Tournament Gameplay

Family Feud 2 Versus and Tournament Gameplay

The thing is, Family Feud 2 has better questions and generally more interesting options with the tournament, but points and rewards are rewarded more frequently in Family Feud and Friends, which has the better design in my opinion. Try them both. Maybe you’ll beat me!

Check out Family Feud 2 on Amazon, Facebook and  Google Play.

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  1. Linda burton January 11 2015 @ 9:34 pm

    I don’t ever receive my 1000 point when I get 200, points

  2. allie and maddie May 23 2017 @ 4:24 pm

    just let us play the game !1111!111!111`

  3. Cole May 26 2017 @ 12:14 am

    I’m sorry but I am not sure what this comment means

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