Farberware Cutlery Set – 21-PC Carousel

Date Fri, April 17 2009

After moving, I wanted a few items to complete my house. One of those things was a knife set, with a pair of scissors, for the kitchen. I had been using the same utility knife for everything and while it did the job, I really wanted to have more knives for various things and to have more than just one pair of scissors for the entire house so we wouldn’t have to use the same pair for everything and food. I didn’t want to spend a fortune and I wasn’t really looking forward to something which would last forever, just something good enough. I picked out the Farberware Cutlery Set – 21-PC Carousel from Wal-mart. Actually, there were two different sets of the same product so I assume the company had revamped the product. I picked the one that had more pieces for the same price but I’m not sure if it is the “new” version.

The good: This set includes a pair if scissors which works just fine. It also has several rubber spatulas and plastic spoons, the latter which I have found myself using pretty frequently. There are about a dozen different knifes, including 5 kitchen knives (paring, larger chef knives, etc) and 8 serrated (steak? I don’t know, I only ever use my one utility knife) knives. The knives all came with cardboard sheaths and were plastic wrapped. All these are dishwasher safe and come in a carousel for easy access. The carousel also had enough room to add some of the tools I already had.

The whole set was also reasonably priced. We paid somewhere between $20 and $20 so I can’t complain one bit for the sheer number of pieces we got.

The Bad: The sheath and plastic had fallen off of 1 knife. I was careful and noticed but someone could easily have been cut. However, out of a dozen or so knives, this wasn’t bad. I don’t really need 8 serrated blades. I think 4 would have been enough and they could perhaps provide 4 other types of knives, too. The carousel tends to “stick” and doesn’t swivel well so I wind up moving the whole thing but it’s really not a big deal.

The biggest downfall is that the knives had rather angular handles are I cannot use them for long before they start to hurt my hands and cause serious crampage. I think they could easily cause blisters. I was cubing potatoes once, and tried 3 different knives all to no avail. I wound up resorting to my old one-size-fits-all utility knife which has never caused pain to me at all. I haven’t yet used this for steak or meat because I never eat steak but I think it would be less of a problem because you use the knife much less frequently and with less force with that sort of cooking.

There are also a lot of reviews on Amazon for similar products which talk about the knives rusting. I have yet to have that problem but I have not washed them in the dishwasher or used them frequently enough for this to occur.

So if I consider the main purpose to replace my utility knife, then this 21 Piece Cutlery set from Farberware fails. Still, if I focus on having other tools like spoons, spatulas and a pair of scissors, then I am still better off. Furthermore, if I ever invite 7 other people for steaks or need to cut fresh baked bread, I’m probably set. For my infrequent need of cutlery, I could have done worse. When i’m ready to replace this I will definitely make more of an investment and take time to read reviews as well.

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