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Date Tue, November 11 2008

I have pondered reviewing Oscar Mayer Deli Creations for some time now. For whatever reason, I kept discounting it in my mind as something which was not quality review material. Yet, every time I have one I think “this is so good, I should review it.” So I will, if for no other reason than it is so good that I cannot help but spread the love.

I have had the Ham and Cheddar sub sandwich from Deli Creations several time now and it has never been a let down. Originally, I think I tried one which my husband had purchased for lunch as he tried them first. I would dare say I felt in love with this treat which is indeed “hot & melty” as the package describes.

At first look it seems to be a bit overpriced (which is is) and the ingredients are neither expensive or hard to find. Each box contains ingredients for 1 sub sandwich: meat, cheese, condiments and sub bread. The bread is actually more of a roll and is Harvest Wheat. The meat and cheese vary by sandwich and in this package contains oven roasted ham and cheddar cheese. The ham and cheese come in very generous portions. The ham and cheddar sandwich comes with Grey Poupon Country Dijon or mayonnaise packets.

Deli Creations provide a microwave tray on which you build your sandwich. For vegetable lovers, it may seem a bit stark but I have also been a meat and cheese lover. There are 8 or so small pieces of ham which it both higher in quantity and quality than you would find with those individual sandwich packets of meat. The cheese is also exceptional in quality. It’s real. As someone who despises imitation cheese, I was certianly impressed. The cheddar comes in a plastic rap and is one slice which is the length of the sandwich. Add your sauce – I use mayo – and microwave it for 1 minute.

True to its name, the cheese melts wonderfully. Although the idea of microwaving a meanwhile might sound odd, it tastes delicious and it is perfect warm. I think it would be difficult to create a similar sandwich from scratch and achieve comparable success.

This little sub is surprisingly filling and tasty albeit pricey for what it contains. I believe that price pays for a truly delicious snack. This sandwich is more than just a sum of its parts. While you can make a ham and cheese sandwich and might even have some success replicating it but the way Oscar Mayer does it with Ham and Cheddar Deli Creations never fails.

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