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Date Mon, January 27 2014


There’s nothing than I hate more than wasting time emailing with PR professionals. Don’t get me wrong, I just think email is the least efficient way to deal with reviewing and blogging opportunities. I love the option to sign into a dashboard that’s clutter-free and and provides me will all the information that I need. Social Spark is actually pretty good at this, but so is Brand Backer, a new service that connects brands and bloggers like myself.

Signing up couldn’t be easier. Enter your name, email and URL and press the big red button. You’ll receive an email later. When you initially log in, you’ll add information about your blog and location. You can upload an avatar and specify preferences for campaigns, including payment methods. If you’re involved in paid campaigns, you can choose payment via PayPal. Nice. The site breaks these into four categories in the right sidebar so you know what you need to do every step of the way.

Once you’re signed up and in, you can look for campaigns. All the campaigns are listed in a grid on the main page. You can also see campaigns that have recently finished. The focus on Brand Backer is definitely fashion and beauty, and I think male bloggers could do especially well on this site.┬áSome brands that have been on Brand Backer include Tie Society, Fran & Oak, GlamST, BA Star, ShopBevel, Favery and PinkPanel, among others.

Each open campaign has a button to apply and you can choose the type of content and payment you want for each post. Then it’s up to the brand to accept you. This doesn’t always happen. I’ve had a few campaigns wind up in the permanent “waiting” category, but this is okay. You’ll receive an email if you’ve been accepted and you can log in.

More often than not, brands will use the address on file to send you samples. Once, I had to specify a shade of makeup so I sent it off via the on-site messaging. You’ll see when your samples have been mailed off, but you’ll have to contact brands if you want a tracking number. I’ve always received items within two weeks.

Once you receive an item, log in to report you’ve received it. You’ll then have a limited period, typically two weeks, to write your content. You have to submit content, including photos, via Brand Backer’s system. Once it’s approved or you create changes, you post it and come back to enter the URL. It’s much like Social Spark in that way.

After you’ve completed some campaigns, you’ll see links to the posts you’ve added in your profile, which also is a great way for sponsors to see how you reply.┬áSome of the previous campaigns I’ve participated in via Brand Backer include:

I haven’t completed any paid campaigns at this point so I can’t comment on payment, but I am definitely open to it. However, most of the campaigns I’ve participated in came that provided me with a discount. These are personal discounts and not intended for sharing.

The only thing that I dislike about BrandBacker is that you can’t see content you’ve submitted. Thus, if you wrote a post and uploaded a photo and didn’t save them to your blog or in a file, you can’t see them after they’re approved. This would be a nice feature.

However, the entire

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  1. Memylifesophie September 10 2014 @ 2:43 pm

    I started using BrandBacker a few weeks ago and I have a question about it, which you might can answer. I clicked on a button said: submit content, I uploaded everything, but I couldn’t find a “send” button or something.
    Maybe you can help me, because I’m not sure if it’s saved to BrandBacker or not.

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