Firefox Portable from Portable Apps

Date Wed, November 10 2010

Portable Apps LogoI just want to write up a quick review here, to let you guys know that I’m not dead. I am, whoever, in a state of transit and this always makes me uncomfortable. Being a desktop computer kind of girl, the best option I have to access my files is an external hard drive and while I have one, it still wasn’t quite cutting it. In the past week, I have discovered the portable versions of Thunderbird and Firefox from Portable apps. These versions allow you to install to drives without operating systems, such as external hard drives. Then, you can simply plug your drive into any computer and access your browser or emails.

and I have. It works effortlessly. I have even imported my Thunderbird profile to the portable version so that I have access to all my emails, new and old. It’s great for someone who uses multiple computers or someone who is sharing a computer, as I am now. I don’t have to use Wendy’s Firefox. I don’t have to confuse our settings or bookmarks. I can install the plugins that I enjoy. It’s also awesome for anyone who manages multiple online identities; although, I do not use Firefox Portable for this reason.

I like Firefox and Thunderbird Portable so much that I almost never want to go back to the actual installs. Almost.

The website contains a bunch of other portable programs. I just downloaded Filezilla and Notepad+++. Opera and Seamonkey users will find their favourites on Portable Apps and there’s even a copy of

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