Flash Review: Mrs Clean

Date Sat, September 1 2012
Apple Mango Tango Gain

Apple Mango Tango Gain

Remember those gain commercials with the pregnant woman who had a craving for the scent? I don’t know what the original scent smells like but Apple Mango Tango is fruity and delicious. It might be the best thing about having to do my laundry. Sadly, it looks like it might have been a seasonal product

After you finish your laundry, you might want to refresh some of those unwashable things. Thai Dragon Fruit is my all-time favorite Febreze scent. The bright pink bottle is hard to miss, and the scent is as sweet as you’d expect. However, it’s not so sweet that it smells like food, the type of scent which I hate on my furniture and clothes.

Although I didn’t buy a Kirby when the salesman came by last year, my mother did. I used her Kirby to vacuum and shampoo the floors of my previous apartment. While the Kirby is bulky and transportation of it sucks–ha!–it’s nice to have a single machine that does multiple things. However, the installation and removal of different parts is more complicated than it should be. It would ultimately be more convenient to have multiple machines that let one person vacuum while another shampoos. Still, it did a decent job, didn’t require technical knowledge and the foaming shampoo takes only a little time to dry. I think the carpets came out looking pretty well. Someone should pay the woman who cleaned them. >_>

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