Neater Scooper [Followup Review]

Date Thu, May 21 2015

I don’t always write follow up reviews, but I figured I’d do a few for you guys this week, especially since my expeiences and opinions on some items I’ve previously reviewed have changed.

My first follow-up, then, is on the Neater Scooper, which I’ve been using a little over two months. The innovative scooper combines a bag to catch refuse with the scooper itself, eliminating the need to use garbage bags or even things like the Litter Genie.

Unfortunately, the Neater Scooper just doesn’t seem to be holding up. It’s been a few weeks, now, that the “door” that traps things in the bag/container has been coming off a single hinge. I can pop it back on but

  1. That’s gross!
  2. And it doesn’t stay on anyway

With the plastic “hinges,” I feel like this would likely happen to other users, and it does make using the Neater Scooper less convenient. I will probably use up the rest of the bags that came with it and return to using my Litter Genie.

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