Almondina Toastees

Date Wed, September 13 2017

A while back, I had a chance to work with Almondina to try their cookie (review here), a more healthy alternative to the sort of snacks that you find just about everywhere. I enjoyed them, so agreed to work with the company again to try another product – Almondina Toastees.

These are crunchy treats that are made without salt or fat added and have no cholesterol and no preservatives. Sounds pretty good, right? Almondina sent me a box with a few flavors to try and report.

Each flavor comes in a resealable bag, and you’ll want to make sure to seal it up. If you don’t, they can get stale. Oops.

I first tried Cranberry Almond as that’s right up my alley, and they’re good! They have a fun crunch and a touch of sweetness that’s not overwhelming. The Toastees look like tiny slices of baked bread more than cookies and chips, and the slices of almonds are impossible to ignore. The cranberry bits add a bit of chewiness that I like.

I would say that the texture is a little dry, so Toastees are probably best with a drink that you can dip them in. Coffee or hot cocoa would work perfectly. Almondina also suggests pairing these with cheese, which would make a good snack for a person of any ages. I think Toastees would be ideal to toss in your lunch box for work or school.

I next tried the Coconut Orange Almond flavor. It seemed like I would enjoy it. However, they’re not my favorite. I find the citrus to be a bit overwhelming, and the coconut is nowhere to be found. Perhaps there’s a balance to be found that I would like better.

The last flavor I was sent to sample was Sesame Almond. I don’t particularly love sesame seeds, and these were just okay. I don’t love them, but they’re not offensive. You can really taste the toasted seeds, and the almonds add a bit of sweetness.

There’s one more flavor that I didn’t get a chance to try — lemon poppyseed. I like the flavor in cakes and muffins, but I’m hesitant because the orange was a bit strong for me. If that’s the case with this last flavor, I’d definitely prefer sticking to the Cranberry Almond Toastees.

If you want to try Toastees, you can buy them directly from the Almondina site. They’re also available from Amazon and Jet.

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