Chocolate Chip Goldfish Grahams

Date Fri, December 16 2011

Now, this product is not listed on the website or available from Amazon but I promise you that it exists and I also don’t think you should buy it. I mean it looks cute on the package and all that, with their smiling faces. I imagined it might taste a little like Cookie Crisp cereal but it didn’t.

In fact, these goldfish simply tastes like graham crackers. They’re not entirely unlike teddy grahams, except without that awesome shiny texture. The texture of these is so dry that I constantly feel like I need to chug a gallon of milk but somehow eating them with a drink doesn’t help either. Unfortunately, the chocolate chips are so tiny that they don’t add to the texture. Nor do they add any variety to the taste. I could barely detect them at all.

This bag of Goldfish took me forever to finish which is odd. Some of the flavors I like so much that I can finish them off in a couple of days. Sadly, this was not the case with the chocolate chip grahams.

Image stolen from here. Sorry.

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