Game Day With HORMEL GATHERINGS® Party Trays [Review + Giveaway]

Date Thu, December 7 2017

Are you a fan of game day? You excitedly wait for the big day. You buy snacks, maybe drinks, for the friends and family who will fill your home. If you’re hosting, you probably do some cleaning beforehand. You might wear something special.

And when the game starts, you’re riddled with excitement. You’re rooting for the best guys to win. You feel like you’re giving it your all..

I bet you think I’m talking about football? And, yea, that’s what most people think of when they think of game day. But when I think of games, I think of board games (and sometimes video games). So when I got the chance to review HORMEL GATHERINGS® party trays, the expectation may have been that I would do it while enjoying a game. Sure, plenty of people around me are fans of the Pack (pretty much the only professional sports team that has any traction in Wisconsin!), but it’s just not my thing. I may have read quickly and assumed they meant any games.

But I think that’s okay, because HORMEL GATHERINGS® Party Trays work just as well whether you’re gathered around the TV to watch sports, the dining room table to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal with your loved ones or the coffee table while you try to best your friends at a card game or Taboo, well, these party trays work pretty damned well for all of those (and more, really!).

game night with hormel gatherings party tray

Game day? More like games night!

I found myself at Walmart looking for a HORMEL GATHERINGS® Party Tray with a coupon in hand. Because the deli is so close to the door in my local store, I didn’t have to look far. I was also with a friend who mentioned that these party trays are available at local grocery stores, so they’re easy to find.

The display had a few options, both the larger Party Trays and the slightly smaller Snack Trays. But you still get quite a bit with the snack trays. It was pretty easy to make my choice. I went for honey ham, turkey, and cheddar, which is available both as a Party Tray and a Snack Tray. It Includes both meats, two types of cheese and two sleeves of different crackers.

If you’re not into ham and turkey (more for me, I say!), then Hormel Gatherings Party Trays also come in salami and pepperoni (also available as a party tray) or pepperoni or just ham and cheese. I think there are enough options for everyone.

If you’ve got an extra big party, the biggest tray size is the HORMEL GATHERINGS® Supreme Party Tray. It contains multiple types of salami, two types of cheese, crackers, and olives. Although, I’ve never been a fan of olives myself.

Whatever you choose, it’s refrigerated. When I got to my game night, I opened it up and had to open individual packages of meat and cheese. Not a big deal. The tray has compartments for each type, so they can stay separated.

Now, the idea of a party tray isn’t a new one. You don’t need to expand on it. The formula of meat, cheese, and crackers is pretty good. And I think Hormel did a good job with this one!

I thought the meats were quality, not grisly, and the crackers were tasty. My biggest complaint is that the cheese is a little small, certainly smaller than someone would cut if they were making a meat and cheese tray by themselves. It’s not a huge deal. I’m just a cheese lover from Wisconsin. ;)

Other people seemed to enjoy the snacks, which are ideal if you’re sticking to finger food or don’t plan to have a whole meal for a while (I had a bit left, so I took it home to continue snacking). I’d definitely pick up a HORMEL GATHERINGS® Party Tray in the future if I needed something quick and easy and didn’t necessarily have something else I’d like to bring. I think the trays are likely to be a hit at your next party.

If HORMEL GATHERINGS® Party Trays sound right up your alley, then stay tuned because I’ve got a giveaway for you. Two lucky winners will get enough to try a HORMEL GATHERINGS® Snack Tray (the run around $13 at Walmart, and the coupon covers it entirely) or a HORMEL GATHERINGS® Party Tray (about $16 at Walmart, and the coupon covers most of it). That’s a pretty great deal!

All you need to do to enter this giveaway is to use the Gleam form brlow.

Remember that some entries are daily, so come back to win!

Good luck!

HORMEL GATHERINGS® Party Tray Giveaway

The prize will be rewarded as one $15 coupon to redeem at retailers that carry HORMEL GATHERINGS® Party Trays.

I received product to review in compensation for this post.

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  1. Melissa Craig January 6 2018 @ 12:48 pm

    games are always fun, if it is only adults cards against humanity is always a hoot

  2. Jessica Larocque January 6 2018 @ 5:12 pm

    Really nice!!

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