Fresh Step Aloha Cat Litter

Date Fri, June 16 2017

You never realize how important something like cat litter is until you buy some horrible stuff and realize that it either turns to cement when your cats pee, it is completely ineffective at covering up smells of matter or it doesn’t clump at all. You really can’t know these things until you use the cat litter, and then you might be stuck with another 20 to 30 pounds of it to use up, even though you know it’s no good. Ugh! So is Fresh Step Extreme Aloha Cat Litter with the power of Febreeze any good? Read on to find out.

According to the description, this cat litter is low dust, and I didn’t experience any dust issues myself like I have with some in the past. This is also preferable for a kitty’s lungs.

Fresh Step Aloha Cat Litter

The box also claims that it will form clumps around urine, but the litter eventually became pretty cement-like in the bottom of the litter box, which is an issue that I am used to with clay cat litters. It wasn’t overly terrible, and the litter did a good job to block the ammonia smell, but it’s not perfect.

Fresh Step Extreme Odor Control Hawaiian Aloha Scent Cat Litter also seemed to do pretty well at blocking immediate poo smells after my cats used the bathroom. This may be due to the inclusion of Febreeze to limit odors.

Now, I am notoriously opposed to scented cat litters. There’s just something about them that seems wrong. I don’t just not enjoy it, I think the scent shouldn’t be there at all. I’m happy to report that Fresh Step’s Aloha cat litter is pleasant and doesn’t have the weird salty “after smell” that you can’t seem to avoid with most clay-based cat litters.

The 14-pound box that Chewy sent me to review was enough to fill the litter box, but I didn’t get much more than a week’s use out of it. It’s not going to last forever, especially with two cats. There are also 20-pound and 35-pound options, however.

This cat litter is a bit more expensive than the brand I normally buy: Tidy Cats. But it’s far from the most expensive cat litter on the shelf. If you think you might like it, you can find it at brick-and-mortar and online retailers like Chewy. One of the benefits of Chewy is being able to schedule deliveries so you never run out of necessities such as cat litter or food.

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