Fresh Step Natural Scoop Multiple Cat Clumping Cat Litter

Date Wed, April 25 2012

Fresh Step Natural Scoop cat litter

Fresh Step Natural Scoop cat litter

I just finished up a bad of Fresh Step’s Natural Scoop cat litter and, boy, do I have a lot to say about it. Let’s start with why I bought it: it was on clearance (should’ve been a dead-giveaway, eh?) for less than any other cat litter and the 3.3 pound bag is light. It says it’ll replace up to 21 pounds of your natural litter, and I was hooked. No one likes lugging up a heavy tub of cat litter with the groceries and I often walk to the grocery store, so I was hoping I might like this one enough to be able to include it in my walks. Finally, I hate lugging the trash to the dumpsters when it’s full of cat crap and litter. I mean, I wish there were a more elegant way to say that, but there’s just not. It’s horrid.

The fake that this is made of pine shavings contributes to its light weight, but I don’t necessarily care that it’s natural. I may have heard some possible bad things about pine shavings before, but I have to admit that I like the smell of wood far more than I like the smell of litter — scented or not.

So this resealable plastic bag is light but there’s no way that it replaces 20 pounds of regular litter, but this is just impossible. every time I scoop, which is one a day or every other day, I have to refill the litter pan about halfway. It seems like scooping just takes a lot of this super light litter. You wind up throwing away much of the unused litter. I also find the light weight to make it hard to scoop. The clumps just want to fly out of the scooper and the individual particles of litter aren’t heavy enough to fall through the holes.

Perhaps the worst part about the best feature of this cat little is how easy it is to track, which I am sure contributes to having to refill the litter box on an almost daily basis. The area around the litter boxes has never been this bad and the wood shavings stick to fabric, so I constantly find them in my carpets and rugs, on my furniture and in my bedding. Anywhere the cats go, this Natural Scoop litter is sure to go, too.

As the litter becomes less fresh, it becomes really sticky and clumps to the litter pan and scooper. It’s pretty gross.

All in all, while this smells better than traditional clay cat litter and weighs less, I’m not sold. It requires more clean up and takes more time to scoop.

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  1. N. April 30 2012 @ 5:24 am

    Yeah, the whole hassle of cat litter is one of the reasons I don’t currently have a cat myself. Litter tracking is just awful. I can’t wait until the day a flushing toilet for cats exists or something. Great review!

  2. Cole April 30 2012 @ 5:07 pm

    I’m pretty sure that something like that does exist!

  3. laurie b. August 15 2012 @ 4:49 pm

    This Fresh Step Natural Scoop is awful. second day using it and it is all over my house and my cats hate it too. no wonder, the are wearing the stuff like a coat. i want my money back fresh step.

  4. Christina S September 28 2012 @ 2:48 pm

    AGREED!!! $$ BACK!!!
    This is the WORST product I have ever used and I’ve had indoor cats for 20+ years ….
    I purchased this product because a similar brand which I love was sold out. I read the packaging and for the exact same reasons thought I would give it a try – light weight, long lasting etc…
    Now I have one senior cat and two kittens I rescued (9 months old)… The kittens played in it like they were toddlers in a sand box and the chips were ALLLLLL OVER my house … My microfiber couch is “littered” with it … Ugh!
    Then cleaning it! A chore and a waste just like you said …. So I decided to get rid of it all !! And it was completely saturated and like mud on the bottom?! I threw the whole box out … So fresh step I want money back for the product AND a new box lol
    I’ve never complained about a product before – but like i said this was one of the worst products I’ve ever experienced.

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