Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots Finally Out for Android (Skip Free)

Date Sat, December 31 2011
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Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots

It was exactly a month after we expected Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots to show up on Amazon’s Appstore before it actually did. I happened to sign on to Amazon on the morning that it came out, when it was available as the free app of the day so I snagged it. Although it’s now for sale for $.99, you really can’t do wrong if you buy it. After all, the original Fruit Ninja is the only app I’ve ever paid for. Ever.

Plus, the free version of Puss in Boots is really lacking. I understand that there must be limitations, otherwise why else would you buy it? Still, the free version isn’t particularly fun and didn’t make me want to buy the full version. I considered it if only because I got an iTunes gift card for Christmas but I wouldn’t have if it weren’t for that. The free version feels repetitious and you really only get to play a few of the new modes. In short, it feels more like an add-on to the original than a game that can stand on its own but the full version absolutely can.

Puss in Boots includes a classic mode called Desperado. In this mode, you try to go for as long as possible without dropping a fruit — three strikes and you’re out — or hitting a bomb — game over. In Puss in Boots, there’s a magic bean that gives you extra points, an allusion to the giant’s bean talk in the movie.

Bandito is the mode that offers new and exciting things and there’s a lot of new and exciting. This mode is split into four stages and you must successful play four matches in the first three stages to advance to the last, where you get to beat the crap out of a pinata. This is fun the first time but quickly becomes old. The rest of the matches are fantastic, however.

In fact, after playing several times, I’m still discovering new matches or new twists to the ones I know because they’re random. For example, when you go to play the first second or third chapter, you get 4 random matches. The general goal is the same: hit X amount of fruit but the play varies greatly. You’re always avoiding bombs but sometimes they’re flying through the air with the fruit or sometimes they’re static while the fruit move. Different structures and features, like wind, enable or hinter your quest. There’s even a mode with a giant bomb and others with balloons hoisting bombs and fruit through the air.

Puss in Boots offer variety that regular Fruit Ninja lacks if you’d played it a while. However, you cannot selectively play your favorite modes and some of them occur far more frequently  than others. Luck of the draw keeps it fresh but it would be awesome if I could pick and choose at least some of the time. I suppose the set up really only lends itself to mini-matches of a few seconds or less and perhaps that is exactly why none of them are available as stand alone matches.

Bandito Mode

Every time you hit a bomb in these modes, you lose a life and there are only three available to you. Despite this, I’ve made it through to the pinata stage without losing a life on multiple occasions. While the matches can be more difficult than the original, they’ve over quickly and not impossible.

I’m a big fan of the achievements and new unlockables. These extras are all cat/Puss in Boots themed. For example, one of the backgrounds is the base of the giant’s castle and you can set your blade to fireworks, playing cards or a triple cat claw. This is actually unimpressive in terms of the graphics/animation. It’s a little lackluster. However, the playing cards and chain are definitely more interesting.

Desperado (Classic) Mode

The movie theme is worked into the game with music — although, I rarely have mine on — and some spoken parts by the cat himself. You’ll see him on the menus and at the end of the game itself but because you’re playing as the swashbuckling amigo, you don’t usually see him on screen. There’s also a distinct lack of meowing, which could be kind of cute. Still, I downloaded this version because I’m a fan of the game — I haven’t even seen the movie — and I have to say I like it.

Both the free and full versions are also available for iOS.

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