Fur Me?

Date Sat, September 21 2013

Fur stoles and mink shawls are prized for their softness, warmth and luxury. In the mid-20th century, fur stoles were a sign of class. A woman in the higher-class could afford to wear a fur stoles on special occasions with ornate dresses. The type of fur used to make the stole is what classifies the specific type of stole.

The fur stoles made from wild mink stay naturally dark in color. Wild minks are smaller than the ones raised on a farm, so they are often the smaller furs. A vintage mink stole is often made from wild mink because the farming mink was not introduced into the fur industry until the 1920s. A wild mink stole will have courser fur than a farm-raised mink stole.

Fur stoles from the farmed mink are available in plenty of different colors. The mink is found in demi-buff, mahogany, gun-metal and many other colors. The farm raised mink are larger minks and better fed than the wild mink. This makes these fur stoles more luxurious than the wild mink stoles. Farm raised mink is more popular in the stole production because it is more available than the other types of mink.

The more common design of a fur stole is a shawl which covers the upper portion of the body by wrapping around the shoulders. In most cases, the legs and head of the mink are removed before the stole is made, but some of the more vintage stoles retained those animal parts on them.

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