Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things

Date Mon, March 13 2017

Some time ago, I decided I didn’t like Jenny Lawson Aka the Bloggess. I don’t entirely recall why. Perhaps it was how everyone seemed to adore her, yet I couldn’t find the humor in her posts.

Maybe it was insecurity as a blogger myself. She was so Internet famous despite having been around the blog (the blog?) nearly as long as I have. She’s even in my dictionary!  Or it might be that reading blogs has never been my forte (and the absence of activity here might indicate that I am not always good at writing them. Hahaha.)

So why did I decided to read Furiously Happy? I don’t know. Perhaps I was looking for lighter reading material. Maybe I thought it was time to really connect with the Bloggess. And connect, I did.

In fact, I not only realized that I do like Jenny’s writing but also that she’s entirely relatable. I can be anxious to the point of neurotic, and Jenny herself has struggled with mental illness, anxiety and depression. That’s really what Furiously Happy is all about. That and taxidermied creatures (like the one on the cover, but it’s not the only one!)

Despite that, or perhaps because of it, Furiously Happy isn’t sad or uncomfortable. No, it’s funny. Wait, it’s hilarious. I laughed out loud in that totally ungraceful time in nearly every section.

The Bloggess writes about being a wife and mother, buying a and remodeling a home, attending blogging conferences, writing a book and doing taxes with a frankness that I might also share. But she’s much better at putting her humor into words that a broad audience can appreciate than I ever can be. And she’s humble and relatable in every word.

It’s not all humorous. Jenny does touch on a few serious things, the human condition you could say. And there was even a point at which I sniffled a little.

I looked forward to reading the book each day, and it was over far too soon. Fortunately, the Bloggess has more books for you (and I) to enjoy.

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