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Date Wed, October 22 2014

Although I’d visited the eye doctor several times before this year, I had never managed to find a pair of glasses I like before my prescription ran out. One year, I dragged a friend to every single glasses store in the mall. Yet, I found no pair that I wanted.

At my most eye test this summer, my doctor laid it out like this. My sight would benefit from wearing glasses, especially at night or when driving. He estimated I would use glasses maybe  20% of the time. Because I don’t drive, I realized I would need them much less than that. With this in mind, I decided I wouldn’t spent time hunting for a pair of glasses or spend a lot of money on them. But I also knew I would keep an eye out should the perfect pair jump out at me.

My new prescription meant that I could work with another type of company, however. It wasn’t long before I received a pitch from, and I told them I’d be interested in working with them. I’m not sure if I knew of this website specifically before. I have friends who have purchased from Coastal, and there are a lot of similarities.

Both websites allow you to purchase glasses with single-vision prescriptions for cheap. I mean, you can find some awesome glasses for well under $50. As I was browsing the site, I don’t think I added anything to my wishlist that was over $40! Every pair comes with anti-scratch coating, too.

Purple Mason from Glasses Shop

Purple Mason from Glasses Shop

I requested the Purple Macon style to review, and they were soon on their way to me. The pair costs $19.95 on the site, but I’m pretty sure they were on sale when I first looked at them. You can add $4.95 for the anti-glare coating, but the pair I received to review didn’t. The lack of anti-glare was noticeable, especially around certain lights at night. So I would definitely upgrade.

Glasses Shop ships out from overseas, so it took several weeks for them to get to me, and the tracking number didn’t immediately show up in the USPS system. If you want something quick, you might be better off heading to a local store of your eye doctor’s office. Otherwise, just give yourself plenty of time for shipping.

The glasses showed up in a tiny box that was just large enough to hold the plastic glasses case. It’s simple and white with the URL to the website on it. Inside, were my glasses and a protective/cleaning cloth.

The glasses were exactly what I had expected from the website. It’s  black plastic frame with purple details. The frame is noticable but what I would consider generally conservative. Some might even consider the rectangular frame to be rather nerdy. I found the fit to be nice. Sometimes glasses pinch, but these were comfortable without being too loose. I do find myself pushing them up my nose a la nerdy librarian style. LOL!

As my first pair of glasses, these will take some getting used to. For example, I’m not used to so much cutting into my field of vision. Next time, I might try for a pair with a thinner bezel to reduce this. I’m also adjusting to wearing any glasses, so sometimes movement out of my periphery is fuzzy or I feel a little dizzy if I moved too quickly. There are all to be expected with one’s first pair of glasses, however, and I don’t need to wear them all the time like /I mentioned.

This will take some getting used to

This will take some getting used to

Getting used to how glasses look is another thing when you’re as picky as I am. I don’t hate them, but they change the focus of your gaze. Glasses also make my hair sit differently. Glasses Shop does have a “Try On” feature where you can upload a photo, but in my experience, this gives you an idea of how glasses will look. It’s a little different in person, which is what I am experiencing now.

However, with these low prices, you could buy a pair or two or three and try them all on. Glasses Shop often has coupons, and you can find them right on the site. For example, they’re currently running a Halloween promotion for 20% off all orders with code 20order.

There are a number of other ways you can earn coupons and account credits, which include making purchases and referring friends. In fact, you can even get your first pair for just the cost of shipping!

I would encourage you to purchase frames you like as soon as possible. Stock seems to be limited. A day after I first created my wishlist, a pair was no longer available. You can’t necessarily return them if you don’t love the frames, but the store does have a frame replacement policy if they break within 40 days of receipt, which is nice. is one of several similar websites, but it’s worth checking out when you’re in the market for a new pair of specs.

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