Ghostbusters Volume 1

Date Tue, March 20 2012
Ghostbusters Volume 1

Ghostbusters Volume 1

Although the cover of Ghostbusters volume 1 features the likeness of Ray and the crew, the style of art is much “cuter” and less realistic. This is, perhaps, a comic book that is better left to the kids because of it. That isn’t to say that adult readers and long-time fans of the Ghostbusters stories won’t enjoy it as Peter and Ray and the rest chase after a new ghost. However, I just like my comic books more mature or darker.

The guys discover the newest haunting from what appears to b a delivery boy. His uncle has run into some supernatural trouble and the Ghostbusters are on their way to investigate, only to show up as the building see that it bleeds slime. It doesn’t take a genius to guess which hungry, famous ghost is responsible for the carnage: Slimer. As usual, clean-up involves a big mess and the city is worried about the spending on insurance and other issues because of Ghostbusters. Although the guys beat the ghost, the issue ends with the formation of the Paranormal Contracts Oversight Commission, a group that I am sure will be a pain in the behind’s of the Ghostbusters and, apparently, other paranormal groups that are ridding New York City of Ghosts.

It’s a short read and it’s very well in the vein of the movies. As I read along, it was difficult not to hear Dan Aykroyd or Bill Murray voicing their characters in my head. I bet you’ll have the same experience, if you love the movies as much as I do. The plot is leading the way for other, new stories and I think the series has potential. In fact, I don’t think the pilot issue needed to use Slimer. I think the original gang is good enough and it could have ventured into more varied territory. However, I understand why the authors —¬†Erik Burkham, Dan Schoening, and Luis Delgado — and publishing company would want to stay close to the source material to attract old fans.

I especially enjoyed the fan-art at the end of the boo. It was awesome to see how others portray Ghostbusters and their fandom. The extras sometimes make the product. I hope to see what else happens to and because of the Ghostbusters and I think a lot of readers could enjoy it but I don’t think this comic book is ideal for me.

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