Giant Microbes Review + Giveaway

Date Fri, February 28 2014
Chicken pox putty

Chicken pox putty

Maybe computer viruses aren’t your thing. You might be more a fan of the common cold (although, I certainly am not! I’m just getting over a sudden onslaught!) For you, there’s Giant Microbes. Now, you might remember me reviewing them before. I thought they were clever — plush dolls that look like bacteria, viruses and other yuckies — but I wasn’t prepared for how much my sister would love them.

I gave her a “germ.” She proceeded to ask me for a new germ every month for the last nine months. The kid is hooked, I tell ya.

I think it’s amazing that the company has created something that both adults and kids can love. I appreciate the attention to detail that goes into Giant Microbes and Computer Virus Dolls, but my sister loves that they’re cute and she rips the tag off almost immediately. I’m a little nicer to my germs.

This time around, Giant Microbes sent me two things to check out. Their rhinovirus, also known as the common cold, and chicken pox putty. The cold is a little blue plush that’s perfect to cuddle if you’re feeling under the weather, toss around without breaking picture frames and taunt your cats with. I don’t know what to tell you if none of those things sounds awesome. Maybe you need help? ;)

The putty is a newer product that they’re now making. IT comes in a little “petri” dish. The varicella putty is yellow and translucent with a little plastic microbe in it. You can pull the microbe out just to play with the putty, keep it all inside on your desk as a threat to your coworkers or copy newspapers. As we found out, it works just as well to steal the dye from printed notebook paper. There’s some things that just never get old.

While the basis of Giant Microbes are the plushes, the putty, petri dishes and other items help fill out the portfolio. I’m a fan if you couldn’t tell. Here’s 5 reasons why you should be, too:

  1. They’re cute.
  2. They teach kids about health.
  3. They’re geeky.
  4. They make great conversation starters.
  5. It’s the only appropriate time to joke about STIs.
Rhinovirus Giant Microbe

Rhinovirus Giant Microbe

Of course, you don’t have to just think about how much better your life would be if you had your own Rhinovirus or water bear or chicken pox. You, my dear reader, can win an original Giant Microbe of your choice.

Simply use the widget below to enter. Address is mandatory so you can receive the prize. Tweets and Facebook shares are optional and you can do them once a day so make sure to return!

Giant Microbes

Giveaway ends March 24. Is open to US residents.

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