Glade Scented Oils Nightlight

Date Tue, November 18 2008

I have previously blogged about how much I love a certain scent form the Glade Scented Oils line. In fact, I am still using it. However, we wanted to add another air freshener to our apartment and went looking the other day. I wanted something a little different and was open to any brand but Air Wick simply had nothing that did not offend my nose so I went back to trusty old Glade. We wound up purchasing another item from the Scented Oil line, although a bit different: a Plug Ins Scented Oil Night Light.

I wasn’t pleased with the scent which comes in the Plug Ins Night Light it (clean linen) so I sniffed about until I found one which works better (Sweet Pea and Lilac) and we were on our way to have a fresher smelling bathroom with a night light which my husband thought would be a nice addition.

As I was opening the package, I became a little worried because I didn’t see anything like a light bulb. I wondered if, perhaps, they were just saying you could use this with a night light because it has an extra outlet. Nonetheless, I popped in the little refill bottle and plugged it in.

Right away, I could smell the scent and it permeated not only the bathroom but the living and bed rooms as well. Like all the Plug Ins, it is adjustable, and I have since turned it down. The scent is still freshening our living spaces; although it may not be as obvious because my nose becomes used to a scent after a while.

At first, I didn’t see anything that supported the night light use but, after a while, I walked into the bathroom and saw that it was glowing! I’m not quite sure how these plug ins work, but the light is diffused through the actual scented oil jar and is very soft. The light id a soft orange glow and actually creates a great ambiance.

So now our whole apartment smells great and we have a night light in the bathroom. I am very impressed with Glade Plug Ins Scented Oil Night Light. I only wish I could have bought the night light by itself instead of with a scent I will probably throw away.

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