Gravity Screen: When Your Power Button Stops Working

Date Thu, February 11 2016

I will return shortly with some longer reviews, another tutorial for affiliate bloggers and a fun post about geek chic accessories. In the meantime, I just wanted to write a short review of an app I found that is saving my life!

okay, so maybe I’m being a little dramatic. Let me back up.

I love my phone. I’ve had it two years exactly on Valentine’s Day.. and I’m not sick of it. I like the screen and the size for my tiny hands. It’s held up remarkably well, all things considered. However, it is getting a bit old, and after years of use, the power button doesn’t work quite well. It can take minutes to unlock my phone because I need to find the right place to squeeze the power button. It hurts my finger. Ridiculous, right?

So I decided to get a new phone, which I promptly hated. It doesn’t have the build quality. It’s too big. It lags when running demanding opps. The camera is ridiculously slow. So on and so forth. But it was cheap, so I kept it because I will eventually need to replace my old phone.

Despite the wonky power button — and the screen is even broken! —  I still want to use that phone. I’ve looked for some options, but nothing really struck me. LG is among the manufacturers that use knock code to allow you to unlock, but HTC hasn’t (yet?). All the third-party apps that allow this result in a part of the screen becoming a dead zone. This didn’t sound like a solution.

Gravity Screen options

Gravity Screen options

Enter Gravity Screen, an app that uses sensors to detect movement and motion of and near your phone to turn the screen on and off. It’s really neat. My screen will shut off aas soon as I turn my phone over and set it down. It will also turn on as soon as I pick it up.

Gravity Screen has a lot of options to ensure your screen turns on.. or doesn’t. For example, there’s an option to allow it to detect a pocket or bag to turn off. Or you can disable this if it’s turning off too quickly.

Now, my only concern is that my battery will drain faster. Using all these sensors to turn on your phone screen will do that. Accidentally turning on your phone screen because of the sensors will also drain a battery faster. This is why I recommend really playing around with the settings because Gravity Screen enables you to adjust sensitivity for pretty much every setting, so hopefully you’ll be able to minimize battery drain.

You can also pause the app directly from your notifications bar, which I find handy.

I’ll have to compare battery used with this app after I’ve used it for at least 24 hours, but having a useful phone that needs more charging is better than a fully-charged phone that won’t work at all!

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