Great Choice Sifting Cat Pan Liners

Date Fri, August 7 2015

When I go to Petsmart, I usually get in and out. I need cat food and maybe treats or litter, but I rarely detour. It was different last time, however. After browsing the adorable cats for adoption, I took a look at the clearance section and found these sifting cat litter pan liners.

I don’t normally even use liners with my litter box, and I’ve always used a few different devices with the litter box, including the Litter Genie and the Neater Scooper, but these sifting liners get rid of the need of a scooper all together. So does it work?

Let me start by saying that I purchased a 40-pack, which was quite large but affordable given the price of smaller packs. I don’t think Petsmart will be carrying this box anymore, and none of the Great Choice sifting liners are on the site at all, even though my store still has some of the other packs and sizes.

Great Choice Sifting Cat Pan Liners

Great Choice Sifting Cat Pan Liners

I believe mine were the large size, which perfect fit my standard/large litter box with a little excess, but I don’t have an extra large litter box to compare. The design of the thin plastic liners is such that it folders over the outside of the box, and you secure it with a large rubber band under the lip.

Now, my cats stole the rubber band and broke it before I could even use it, but it definitely wasn’t as thick as I would imagine you’d like for this process. Plus, 40 liners is actually over an inch thick, which means you’d need 4 extra inches of stretch on top of the measurements of the litter box. In hindsight, I shouldn’t have put them all on at the same time, but I did. Oops!

This also “shrinks” the available space inside the litter box. This isn’t a deal-breaker, but it’s going to be a bigger issue if you have multiple cats or if your litter box is smaller. I would recommend adding no more than 10 at a time. Without the rubber band, the lines don’t sit quite as flush with the litter box as they would otherwise. I’m sure this will be less of an issue as I use the sifting litter liners.

So how do they work? There’s simply perforated holes in the center of the liner. You lift at all four corners to create a “bag,” give it a shake until the clean litter falls through onto the liner below, and you’re good to go. The corner grabbing means your hands don’t touch anything, but I do find myself tugging the “bag” back and forth to get the rest of the dry litter through the liner. I do this every other day, and I am able to save most of the “clean” litter. Obviously, this requires litter with smaller pieces that clumps well.

Overall, it works well and takes less time than sifting with the scooper. You’ll want to keep the trash can nearby in case any small litter escapes as you’re tossing away the sifting liner. Because of the holes in it, it’s not an actual bag.

My cats don’t seem to notice and haven’t really scratched through them. The plastic seems to help with the smell a bit, too. And the package claims this will help to prolong litter more. The jury’s still out on that, though.

When you run out of the sifting liners, you’re left with the plain liner that comes with them, and you can simply dispose of all the rest of the litter. Cat’s Price recommends doing this every week or two, so you’re not left with the wet, smelly litter that’s small enough to fit through the sifting liners.

Because of this, you could permanently keep your litter box clean.

I would probably buy sifting litter liners again. Most of them seem to be pretty similar; although, I can imagine the generic versions would use thinner plastic that might not be strong enough.

Although I can’t link to the Great Choice brand on Petsmart, you can check out similar products from Neat N Tidy for around $10.

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