Great Value Ranch Style Chicken Dinner

Date Wed, October 28 2009

I guess I’m just having bad luck with Great Value products lately. I guess that also sets the tone of my review, huh? We were in the freezer aisle, looking for an easy-to-make meal that we hadn’t had recently and saw a bunch from great value. I remember liking two options but went with the Ranch Style Chicken Dinner because Ryan said it looked better. It sounded like a hit; ranch, chicken and cheese are some of the more popular foods in our household, after all. Throw in some pasta for a meal? Sure! I really didn’t think we could go wrong.

ranchstylechickendinnerBut something did go wrong. One night I was looking for an easy meal so I popped the dinner into the microwave for 15 minutes after slicing a hole in the plastic cover. Soon the kitchen was filling with the smell of.. Well, I’m not exactly sure. It smelled kind of Mexican and not at all like one would expect for something which “ranch” in its name. I was a bit wary but gave it a chance; there’s a TV dinner I like which smells something similar.

When it finished, I scooped two platefuls of what seemed like chicken and ranch lasagna. It looked pretty good. It didn’t taste quite so good, however. It was definitely spicier than I expected and the spice seemed to be covering up the bland taste of the rest of the ingredients. It was the kind of spice that raises your temperature and makes you sweat. Eww. Plus, there wasn’t any ranch taste to it at all. We poured on some ranch dressing and, I must admit it went okay with the meal, but it didn’t cover up the taste.

Ryan was pretty much disgusted and tossed his in the trash. It reminded him of something his mother used to make. It reminded me of the generic spicy-bland taste that most Mexican food has, when every ingredient blends together into lifeless slop. I finished mine but only because I was hungry and chucked the rest. Needless to say, we were not impressed.

After my experience with Great Value Ranch Style Chicken Dinner, I will not be buying it again. Furthermore, it definitely makes other frozen dinners by Great Value.

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