Guardsman Furniture Touch up Marker Kit

Date Wed, September 2 2009

guardsmanWhen you have cats and those cats have claws, you tend to have furniture that doesn’t look quite as nice as when you first purchased it. At least, that is the case for us and our cats and our furniture. I have been meaning to do something about it for a while but never got around to it until I saw a 3 pack of Guardsman Furniture Touch Up Markers for brown furniture on a clipstrip in Wal-mart. Since they were right there, I took the plunge.

This 3 pack includes a light, medium and dark brown marker for all your furniture touch up needs. They work best for small to medium scratches where only some of the finish has been removed. Bigger scratches are better fixed/hidden with furniture wax sticks.

The instructions say to start with the lightest marker so you don’t go too dark and to have a soft towel handy for wiping away any ink that gets anyplace other than the scratch. This is good to remember ebcause I got ink in a few places around the scratches and it’s a little darker than the rest of the pieces, now. Almost all of our furniture is really dark brown or black so I may never have a chance to use the light or medium. I did try with the medium first but it was so light it barely made a difference to I switched to the darkest marker almost right away.

I was really impressed with how it worked. Some of the smaller scratches are practically invisible now. The medium sized ones are more “blended” in and you can probably see them if you’re trying to but they definitely look much better. The improvement is awesome.

It seems like Guardsman makes a variety of shades as well as a few sets of furniture touch up markers. They’re even available in black and white. The company also makes a whole slew of other furniture care and repair products for your wood, leather or fabric furniture and I’d definitely look to them for my future needs after using the Guardsman Furniture Touch up Marker Kit.

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