Hair Today, Better be Hair Tomorrow

Date Mon, December 15 2008

How about a double duty review? The theme? Hair!

A while ago Phantom was kind of stinky and I thought we should pick him up some shampoo. I thought we’d get traditional shampoo and give him a wet bath but was relieved to find waterless bath form by Blue Botanicals. This cat shampoo in flavour Green Tea/Jojoba and Aloe is a natural shampoo which doesn’t require me to fight with an unhappy cat over giving him a bath. The foaming shampoo just needs to be applied, dried and then the fur brushed.

We picked it up at Petsmart for around $10 and it was more expensive than some shampoos but it also smells a lot better. Considering as I want my cat to smell good, this is fairly important. The scent is one which is kind of flowery but not overpowering.

I really like the bottle and foaming shampoo. Just squirt some of the light shampoo into your hand and rub it on the cat. Of course, although this is easier than a wet bath, it’s still easier said than done as well. Phantom didn’t really like the foam the first time so I didn’t get as much on him as I would like. I toweled him off which is easy because it’s not very wet and brushed him out as good as he would let me.

The second time, I didn’t bother to towel him off and it didn’t really make a difference. I also grew smarted and held him down more, forcing him to let me bathe him.

I really like this shampoo because it makes his fur super soft and shiny. It looks really healthy which is probably due to the Green Tea and Aloe Vera, among other ingredients. I don’t see why I wouldn’t purchase it again but I imagine this bottle will probably last us a while because I don’t bathe him all that often.

Helpful Hint: Look for animal shampoos with skin improving ingredients like Aloe Vera to make their fur look its best.

I also invested in some shampoo for me because I had my hair dyed. Now, I’ve tried a handful of shampoos for coloured hair but usually am fairly disappointed. The last time I had my hair coloured, it signification faded after only a week. I tend to get reds and I know this colour fades quicker than others but that was absolutely ridiculous.

The stylist recommended a moisturizing shampoo – Tiger -for Texas weather (funny, it’s been fairly cool since I returned) and I paired it with a colour lock conditioner – Rinse – by Grund. Grund products are sold in salons and I’m not really familiar with the name but she said that a lot of people buy them because they are affordable. I also liked that they were smaller bottles because I always have extra left over when it comes to “specialty” hair products and I didn’t want to have huge bottles in my luggage.

It has been two weeks since my hair was coloured and while there has been some slight fading, it is still very red. The shampoo and conditioner smell great. The scent reminds me of cinnamon rolls and paired with my body wash, it’s like dessert time. The colour lock which conditions also detangles which I think it something that should be in more adult hair products.

I’m happy to say that my hair is still very red and I expect it to last a while. These hair products are the only ones I’m using and my hair is beautiful, soft and shiny. I would definitely use Grund products again.

Heplful Hint: A quality shampoo and conditioner can extend the life of your hair colour by months.

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