Halo Healthsome Cat Treats

Date Sat, August 31 2013
Halo Healthsome Select Seafood Combo Flavor Grain-Free Cat Treats

Halo Healthsome Select Seafood Combo Flavor Grain-Free Cat Treats

Let me tell you a little bit about treat time in my house. I always give a few to Phantom first because he’ll steal Goliath’s treats if I don’t. Generally, I throw them across the house to distract phantom. Then, I give a handful to Goliath and I stand around guarding him so that I can make sure he gets any. Sometimes he doesn’t.

You see, Goliath eats his treats slowly and delicately. Phantom gobbles his down like a hog. I don’t understand why he’s not the fat one.  Try as I might, it’s hard to make sure my big kitty baby gets all his treats.

So I was fairly surprised when I got the Healthsome cat treats and Goliath ate them up quickly. He wasn’t quite Phantom-like, but he was more possessive over them. Suffice it to say, he must really like them. And Phantom? Well, he likes just about any treats, so that’s nothing new.

I got the seafood combination treats to review from Chewy. Fortunately, they don’t smell like fish because I am not a fan. Bleh. They do smell a little grain-y for a product that doesn’t contain grain, but this might be more because of the plastic bag than the treats themselves.

These treats are much smaller than others I’ve purchased, which is likely due to the fact that they’re not full of preservatives. The suggested serving size says 2-4 for a small cat like Phantom, but we all know that I spoil my babies more than that! The size works well in the little foraging ball that I have.

One of the aspects that I like of this treat is the inclusion of pumpkin, which is good for a kitty’s tummy. The other ingredients are meat, and these are supposed to be good for sensitive stomachs. That’s always a plus. The crunchy treats are also supposed to help improve your cat’s breath. I haven’t noticed a big difference, but I’m definitely open to the idea.

Overall, my cats and I are all happy with these treats. They come at a good price, too.

Thanks to Chewy.com for the review opportunity!

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