Advanced Haircare – Smooth Intense Ultimate Straight

Date Fri, June 26 2015

If you think of L’oreal, you might think of makeup or hair color. However, the company also makes hair care products. I was given a chance to try the Advanced Haircare – Smooth Intense Ultimate Straight set, which consists of four products: shampoo, pre-conditioner, conditioner and perfexcting balm.

Now, I already feel like I use way too many products after the shower, so I was pretty wary about this step requiring 4 steps/products, including an an extra step after the shower and one in the shower.

I was pleasantly surprised to realize that adding a product during my shower really wasn’t a big deal. I use the shampoo and rinse, then put in the pre-conditioner while washing my face and doing any upper body shaving. I rinse that from my hair, add the conditioner, and cleanse and finish up any other shaving. It works out quite well.

The perfecting balm that you apply after the shower isn’t too fussy either because you just apply it to damp hair with your hands. You can stop there or style with your dryer or iron, and the heat will help activate the product.

Now, as someone with naturally straight hair, you have to wonder how much this products helps or whether it’s worth it. I would say my biggest issue is some frizz during the humid months and my hair liking to kink if I let it air dry or tuck it behind my ear.

When I just use the in-shower products, my hair seems pretty straight but I might still style or use a hairspray or similar product to get it to stay in place. This definitely seems to work best if you use your flat iron; although, not all my hair is long enough to do that with my asymmetrical haircut.  Even then, I’m not sure that I’m going to get 48 hours of complete straight hair, especially after sleeping and sweating in the summer heat.

I think that when my hair is longer, it’s easier to achieve straightness, and I could probably do so with just my flat iron. One thing I would be curious to know is whether the Smooth Intense Ultimate Straight line will help protect against any of the negative side effects of straightening and applying heat to your hair on a frequent basis.

I do still like this product. After using the shampoo and pre-conditioner, my hair feels soft and sleek. And everything smells so good. There’s a sweet fruitiness that’s not overpowering.

Another thing that I like is that this seems good for my scalp. I struggle with dry scalp and dandruff, even during the wetter seasons, and many specialty shampoos and hair products don’t help with it. So even if I’m trying to make my hair straighter, more manageable or prolong dye, I wind up going back to a product containing zinc oxide to deal with flakes, which seem to be an issue I’d rather deal with before some others.

Since my hair is so short right now — just longer than chin length on the one side — these large bottles will probably last me forever. You can buy the shampoo in both a 12.6 ounce and 25.4 ounce bottles; although, a smaller trial size might be good if you just wanted to try it. In fact, Influenster sent me some sample packets of the products, which I think I will give away to one lucky reader in the near future.

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