Derma E Makeup Remover

Date Tue, October 31 2017

Most makeups removers have an oil base, and you can tell. They’re thin and leave a greasy residue on your skin, perhaps with a sheen that’s easy to see. I am not a big fan of most makeup removers, if you can’t tell. I typically prefer to wash my face with cleanser or use a wipe to achieve that fresh-faced look before I go to sleep (I just use a cleanser during my morning shower).

In fact, I have at least two bottles of oil-based makeup remover that aren’t getting much love at the moment. But I was looking forward to see if Derma E did anything different with their makeup remover. And.. they do!

Rather than a thin, oily product, Derma E’s makeup remover is a thick, clear gel. I wasn’t expecting that when I squirted it onto a cotton square. in fact, the thickness means I didn’t have to worry about squirting product all over, which happens more frequently than I would like to admit.

There’s no scent to the makeup remover, even though it’s described as containing cucumber. I certainly don’t mind this, however. In the future, I might try using it just with my hands more like a cleanser.

Derma E Makeup Remover seems to do a good job. The product description says it can tackle waterproof mascara, long-wear lipstick and other makeup that typically sticks around. I found this to be true, but it does seem to take more product and effort than other makeup removers. If you have a routine that’s quicker and effective, Derma E’s makeup remover may not be a better solution for you.

I was pleasantly surprised how finally it took care of my mascara, which I had layered with a top coat. Usually, there’s a residue beneath my eyes even after using makeup remover and cleanser. This wasn’t the case! It may have been because I reapplied product several times, however, and don’t typically spend so much time removing makeup.

And I was glad that my skin didn’t feel oily after using this product (although, it was pretty red from the scrubbing). It was free of makeup and felt pretty clean. Score! Dema E says the clean and tight feeling is thanks to the chamomile and cucumber extracts in the makeup remover. They seem to be doing their job. Other ingredients include:

Eyebright extract shields skin from irritation. Bilberry extract promotes healthy looking skin. Green Tea delivers vital antioxidants.

Derma E designed the makeup remover to be good for all skin types and compatible with contacts, too. It doesn’t sting at all, which is something I’ve experienced with some makeup removers. If you’re looking for cosmetics that are vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, mineral oil-free, lanolin-free, gluten free, GMO-free, then this brand might be up your alley.

Now, I have the older bottle of the makeup remover, which has a wide magenta band while the new design has a magenta cap and a mostly white design with a floral motif. They’re the same products, however. According to the site, there is a package transition, so you might wind up with new or old when you order.

You can pick up Derma E products from a variety of stores. I’ve seen some of them in CVS, but the makeup remover is specifically available from the Derma E site, Amazon and


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