CoverGirl Professional Remarkable Washable Mascara

Date Tue, February 21 2017

If you do a search for “drug store tubing mascaras” because the only mascara you’ve ever tried that doesn’t leave you with raccoon eyes is a drug store mascara, you’re going to come up with a very short list. One of the products on that list? L’oreals Beauty Tube Mascara. And, yes, it’s the one.

The other item on that list? CoverGirl Professional Remarkable Washable Mascara. Which I’ve owned for the greater part of a year but had only managed to use a couple of times.

CoverGirl Professional Remarkable Washable Mascara

Can this simple purple tube turn heads and change minds?

You see, I’ve read a handful of posts that laud this mascara for not giving the dreaded raccoon eyes, and knowing how tubing mascara works (polymers shrink wrap around each lash rather than just painting on), I expected the same. So I was not-so-pleasantly surprised to discover that it did smear.. after wearing it for several hours on the first day.

I used it for a weekend while I was out of town, then gratefully returned to my go-to mascara once I got back home. Thus, my tube of CoverGirl Professional Remarkable Washable Mascara has sat, unused, for over half a year.

I recently decided to begin my search anew for a few more mascara options, and again this product popped up. One blogger swore by the lack of smudging, and she also liked how fluffy it made her lashes. So I decided to give it another go.

I wore it once, and the raccoon eyes returned, albeit not as noticeably as any other mascara. It’s doable but not preferable if you follow.

The next day I opted to use it with the lash primer that comes with the L’oreal mascara, which you can now buy separately, to see how it faired. I’ve been using it this way since then because it gives me minimal smudging. It’s good enough for a day look.

And as for lashes? They definitely are fluffier and more defined. My set of eyelashes seems more voluminous whereas L’Oreal Beauty Tubes tends to lengthen and might be slightly more clumpy. CoverGirl Professional Remarkable Washable Mascara creates a softer look. It does become stiffer if I wear a primer, however.

CoverGirl Professional Remarkable Washable Mascara

Brown black in natural-ish lighting

Be warned that it’s not at all waterproof, and I don’t know why they would claim that! Tube mascaras come off specifically with water, so enough moisture is going to wash it away — crying, swimming, even humidity in the air.

One reviewer on Covergirl’s site also points out how heat can make your eyelashes wilt when you wear this mascara. That makes sense to me, since you’re practically applying a thin layer of plastic over them.

CoverGirl Professional Remarkable Washable Mascara review

You could apply a lash topcoat — I own one by Bare Minerals, but it actually makes smudging worse around my oily lids — if it doesn’t affect the texture too much.

Without a topcoat, all you need it soap and water to wash this off. In fact, it doesn’t come off in clumps like the L’oreal Beauty Tubes mascara, which some people might prefer.

I’ve found a way to make CoverGirl Professional Remarkable Washable Mascara workable, and there are things that I enjoy about this mascara, but I can’t rave about it like some others can. Furthermore, I am perplexed as to why it’s so different from the tube mascara I’ve already tried. Which one is more similar to other tube mascaras? I don’t know.. yet.

However, you can buy it for under $5 on Jet (or under $6 with free shipping from Amazon if you prefer), so it’s affordable and a real steal if it does work for you!

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