CVS Nail Polish Corrector Pen

Date Mon, January 19 2015

I’ve had my eye on a nail corrector pen for some time. Up until this point, I have used Q-tips. And I do like the ones with the pointed ends for cleaning up after a manicure or fixing little mistakes. But they tend to lose their shape pretty well.

On a recent trip to CVS, I was eyeing up a nail corrector pen by Sally Hansen, but CVS offered theirs much cheaper. And the CVS pen comes with 4 tips, which was more than came with the other brand. For $4, I thought I could do worse.

CVS Nail Polish Corrector Pen

CVS Nail Polish Corrector Pen

The nail polish “pen” is thick like a marker, and holds nail polish remover. As far as I can tell, none of these corrector pens allow you to refill them, which means you need to buy an entirely new one when they’re empty. It’s a little wasteful in my opinion, but I’m always tossing out Q-tips, so who am I to judge..

A convenient package to keep manicures pretty!

A convenient package to keep manicures pretty!

I really liked how the opposite end — eraser end if we’re comparing it to a pencil — holds the addiction tips in a clear cap. Sally Hansen’s polish remover pen lacked this feature. It’s super convenient. To use the pen, you simply insert a tip and press down a bit until the nail polish remover starts soaking through it.

With fresh tips, this worked best. After a while, the tips seemed to have a harder time absorbing the polish remover. Thus, they weren’t quite as good at cleaning up the polish. I found that this worked best on already dried polish, which is frustrating if you’re trying to clean up as you go. With damp or fresh nail polish, the pen just sort of smeared it around. This makes sense, however. It’s what nail polish remover does normally with wet polish.

My favorite feature of this polish remover pen would be the shape of the tips. There’s on flat side and the other comes to a rounded, conical point. It makes it quite easy to clean up around and under your nails without touching your manicure at all. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the fuzzies from a Q-tip or cotton ball.

The pointed tip of the nail corrector pen is more resilient than those pointed Q-tips, but eventually loses its shape and becomes less functional. I haven’t been able to use a tip for more than two manicures. I guess I expected that I’d get more from that. ¬†What I found is that you can cut off the tip — I used a blade — to get more use out of it. But make sure you leave enough to pull the tip out of the pen itself.

You can toss the tip and put in a fresh one when it’s time. CVS sells additional tips, I believe, so you can use every last bit of nail polish remover in the pen. although, I’m nowhere near that point, so I’m not sure how well it works when you start to run out. But you can use the tips in the pen and dip them in some regular polish remover, which I’ve found myself doing when the lips are less absorbent.

While the design of this pen works well, I would really love it that much better if I could refill it.

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