Hairsanity 2-Step System

Date Thu, December 14 2017
HairySanity shampoo and conditioner + rejuvenator

HairySanity shampoo and conditioner + rejuvenator

HairSanity exploded onto the scene in a big way not too long ago. I saw a Facebook ad. Suddenly, I was seeing videos and review opportunities, which I obviously took up.

See, it’s dryer, and my scalp is definitely feeling the effects (even if my face hasn’t gotten the message). I colored my hair darker in October, and the flakes are definitely noticeable. So I decided that the HairSanity system would be worth trying.

Admittedly, I normally just shampoo, so I’d have to add an extra step — conditioning — to my shower routine. That’s not a huge deal, however.

If you’ve ever used shampoo for dandruff, you might be familiar with the active ingredient: pyrithione zinc. It’s in almost every antidandruff product. Not so with HairSanity. The shampoo and conditioner each have different active ingredients. The shampoo contains Hydrocortisone Acetate to help with itching. That’s never actually been an issue for me, but I know plenty of people with dry scalps also itch. It also has other benefits according to HairSanity:

To get there, she started with the concept that HairSanity is skin care for the scalp. She had extensive success in her practice using hydrocortisone to effectively relieve itch and irritation anywhere on the skin. It is a proven, gentle, safe and effective treatment that is used by dermatologists worldwide. Part One of HairSanity contains hydrocortisone acetate.

But it’s the Salicylic acid in the conditioner that’s supposed to help clear flakes from your scalp. This is normally what you’d see in anti-acne products. It seems like it’s a multitasker!

Aside from different ingredients, the Hairsanity differs from other systems in a few ways. First, it comes in tubes that are smaller than your typical shampoo or conditioner bottle. Secondly, the products are rather thick. The shampoo, especially, doesn’t froth. Now, I’ve heard that the more foam, the worse a product is for your hair. However, this means you need to use more product than you might be used to ensure that it cleanses oil and other buildup from your hair.

The instructions actually say to use a quarter sizes amount on your scalp and another quarter sized amount on the length of your hair. That’s quite a bit of shampoo. I tried to get away with much less because my hair is short — just past my jaw — and I’ve had buildup in the past from using too much product. But this didn’t clean all the buildup from my hair,

Similarly, I need to use more conditioner than I am accustomed to if I want my hair to feel silky and smooth when wet. Otherwise, it doesn’t do its job.

It took a bit trial and error to decide how much shampoo and conditioner to use, but now I think I’ve got it down. When I do find the right amounts of the HairSanity system, I experience no issues. My scalp seemed to be clearer as well.

My hair also feels different, but I am not sure if it’s better. It seems thicker and more voluminous but perhaps a bit less sleek. It’s not bad, just different.

The third product I had a chance to try was the rejuvenator, which is designed to give your hair an intense health boost. According to the site:

The Rejuvenator puts hair into an ideal state even if damaged or abused by treatments, the elements, age or color.

I know that I had split ends for the first time in over a decade after bleaching and coloring mine, and this is a targeted treatment to help with issues. The rejuvenator is more of a serum that comes in a tiny bottle. I’ve used it three times, now, and there’s still plenty left. It might not last as long if you have longer hair, though.

The reduction of dandruff is really the selling point, and HairSanity does seem to do a good enough job at that. It’s noticeably better but not completely cleared. However, the price tag seems a bit steep given how much product you need to use and how small the tubes are, to begin with. it’s a bit hard to say you should buy this product over another if you’ve experienced luck with something else. But, you can order the complete system for free right now. including the rejuvenator, if you just pay shipping, which is a pretty sweet deal.

For some people, however, that will be worth it, and I cannot blame them. I’d rather spend more on a product that does what it claims that “save’ money on one that doesn’t.

I received product to review in exchange for my honest opinion.

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