Influenster #ModaVoxBox Reviews — Part 1

Date Wed, November 26 2014

Resource Spring Water

When I first opened my #ModavoxBox and saw a bottle of water, I was like “Whaaat?” It’s water. How do I review that? I opted to simply enjoy the water plain on a day when I was thirsty. It probably replaced a soda or glass of tap water. It wasn’t a particularly active day, but hydrating is important every day. As someone who experiences dry skin when the weather turns cool and the air dries up, it’s important for me to drink plenty of water in addition to moisturizing my skin.

So what did I think of this water? Actually, it tasted really good. It was certainly better than my tap water, and I preferred it better than some bottled water. I liked that I didn’t just taste the chemicals of the plastic, which happens frequently. I would definitely reach for a bottle of Resource over other brands, like Aquafina, for example. I wonder if this is because I enjoy spring water in particular. The water that I tend to like typically comes from springs.

If you want to learn more about Resource, check out their page on Influenster.

Puffs Softpack

Puffs Softpack

Puffs SoftPack

A weird thing happened to me a while back when I had the chance to try a Kleenex product: I felt as through I was a traitor. You see, my family has this weird thing with tissues. We only buy puffs. My mom is damned near rabid about it! LOL She prefers the kind with lotions; although, I like basic Puffs without lotion.

So when I got a chance to try out the new Puffs Softpack from Influenster, I was stoked. The shipment also happened to be quite timely as I’ve been sloooowly developing a cold. That’s not so fortunate, but having tissues on hand definitely is!

With the SoftPack, Puffs has redesigned the package. Mine came with basic tissues that I know and love, but the cardboard box has been replaced with a soft plastic “box.” The tissues still dispense, but there’s no cardboard piece to rip off and toss. The Softpack is great for snuggling up to, stuffing in a backpack or keeping on the nightstand. As you use tissues, the box can shrink, which means it will fit in enough more spaces. You can’t reload the pack, but you only have a piece of plastic to toss when you’re done with it.

Softpacks are available in multiple prints just like the boxes, and I’ve already seen them at Walmart. You can also buy them on Amazon.

Jergens Ultra Healing

Jergens Ultra Healing

Jergens Ultra Healing

Thanks to being a reviewer, I almost never need to buy new lotion. I just never seem to run out. I’ve had one bottle that was purchased as a gift in my bathroom for years. So I wouldn’t have purchased Jergens’ new Ultra Healing lotion myself, but I’m glad I’ve had a chance to try it out.

I’ve long been a fan of that cherry/almond scent that belongs to JErgens lotion. Not everyone likes it, though. This new lotion doesn’t smell like that, though. It’s more of a generic lotion smell. I don’t find it offensive, but some people would find it strong.

What I do like — and why I’d recommend this product to someone else — is how well it moisturizes. This lotion is heavier than other Jergens products. Some might call it greasy, but I like it. It makes my skin feel silky smooth, which it really needs in the dry winter air. The feeling lasts through washing my hands, and I can definitely tell if I haven’t used it for over a day. I will keep using it until my sample runs out.

Jergens Ultra Healing is readily available from a number of big-box and pharmacy stores and from Amazon online.

Swiss Miss Simply Cocoa 

The last product in part one of this roundup for the #ModaVoxBox is for Swiss Miss Simply Cocoa. This new formula has just five ingredients and is available in both milk and dark chocolate. I was excited to try it because I love hot chocolate. As it turns out, I’m not a big fan of the dark chocolate, however. It was too bland, and I normally really like dark chocolate, so I think most people would want to opt for the milk chocolate.

What are your favorite items from the #ModaVoxBox?

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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