Clinique Lash Power Mascara Long-Wearing Formula

Date Tue, May 8 2018

Clinique’s Lash Power Mascara is officially the second mascara I’ve ever tried that doesn’t smudge. In nearly 32years, I’ve only found two products that I can wear without the fear that I will look like a raccoon (and not even a particularly cute one!) due to my oily eyes. Eesh!

But let’s focus on the positive.

First, I had hopes this one would work for me because it’s a tubing mascara. Tubing mascaras don’t just coat your lashes in paint – they shrink-wrap them in polymers. The first mascara I ever found that works for me is a tubing mascara. Now, not all tubing mascaras work for me. In fact, now that I think on it, far fewer have worked than those that do. Sigh.

So I’m happy to add Clinique’s Lash Power to that list. A little info: Lash Power costs $18, the same as any Clinique mascara (and not that much more than drugstore mascaras at this point). I bought mine directly from Clinique’s site, so I got a few samples to go with it. It comes in a small tube with a narrow wand. It’s pretty standard and there’s no big learning curve.

I don’t find Lash Power to be particularly hard to work with or messy (I’m talking to you, Eyeko!). But I also don’t find that the overall impression is especially, well, impressive. Lash Power might lengthen my lashes, but it does nothing for volume. It mostly darkens them, and tubing mascaras aren’t known for adding curl. My poor, straight lashes.

Clinique Lash Power Mascara  Long-Wearing Formula

Smudge-proof mascara that’s good for a daytime look.. underwhelming during the evening

Because of this, Lash Power seems more of a daytime look for me. I have tried it with primer, however, and will continue to do so. When you want subtle, clump-free lashes that you don’t need to worry about. And not needing to worry about this mascara is my favorite part. It doesn’t smudge after 4, 8, 12 or even 16 hours. If I fall asleep while wearing this mascara – oops – it will have flaked off in clumps during the night. But I don’t experience this during the day.

The clumpy flakes are to be expected with tubing mascara. For those of my readers who might not be familiar, tubing mascara simply washes off with water and a little pressure. It doesn’t wipe off as well as other mascaras. Some people find this frustrating and may be alarmed at the clumps that come off when they wash their face. But it’s not your lashes, just the mascara.

And once it’s completely gone, it’s gone. There’s no residue, and you don’t have to worry about smudging during washing. With regular mascaras, I wash my face. But I have to use at least two other methods of makeup removal to fully remove it from the skin right below my eyes (do not tell me to use coconut oil. Oil is my problem, and it makes my skin crawl). It’s far more obnoxious and time-consuming. I’ll stick to my tubing mascaras, thank-you-very-much. But I can understand if it takes a bit of adjustment for you.

I’m not sure where this leaves me with Lash Power Long-wearing Mascara, however. I like that it’s worry-free, but I was hoping to for something that did a little more for my lashes. Given a choice between this and my L’oreal mascara, I’ll probably stick with L’oreal because it’s cheaper and easier to find. However, I would recommend LashPower Long-wearing for anyone who might not like L’oreal’s Beauty Tubes or who simply wants to try another tubing mascara.

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  1. Helena May 9 2018 @ 3:17 am

    Great review!
    You look so pretty!
    Enjoy yourweek!

  2. Vicky Excell May 14 2018 @ 7:59 am

    An absolutely gorgeous look. Can’t wait to try it out. x

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