Makeup Geek Plush Creme Lipstick (Old Soul)

Date Mon, May 22 2017

I still haven’t found that perfect lipstick (you know, the hunt that inspired all my Lip Week posts), but I did discover a product that I am excited to tell you all about. A couple months ago, I made me first purchase from Makeup Geek, in part motivated by some awesome reviews from fellow Redditors but also because I wanted to try this Plush lip creme.

First, let’s go over the description on from the site

A cross between a cream and mousse, this unique formula sits on top of the lips for a soft, “plush” feel. A wide variety of colors crafted in a smooth creme finish, you’re sure to find a highly pigmented shade you love!

It’s designed not to settle into any cracks, and that sounds awesome, right?

But how does it feel? Pretty amazingly to be honest. When the package showed up, I put it on and liked it so much, I fell asleep in it. Oops.

Makeup Geek Plush Creme Lipstick (Old Soul)

Old Soul looks grey indoors (top) but takes on a dusty pinker hue in natural light

The formula is definitely thicker than a liquid lipstick. It feels creamy and super soft. I have, on more than one occasion, described it like having pillows on my lips. Most time, I don’t really think about my lips, you know? But when I wear blush, it actually makes the default state of my lips feel better. That sounds weird. But it feels so good that I want to kiss people so they can also feel so good. LOL

The appearance is creamy and moist but not overly glossy.

The color I bought was Old Soul, described as “a muted rose with a creme finish.” In the tube, it definitely looks rose, but on my skin, it’s definitely more dusty/grey. It almost looks more like Trailblazer to me when inside; the rose is more apparent when I am outside/in natural light, however.

This is the most grey shade I’ve ever worn on my lips, so it took a bit to get used to. I like it, but I don’t love it. I think it’s not perfect on my skin, but I can make it work. There are definitely people who look amazing in shades like Old Soul, however.

With that said, I definitely want to check out more colors in the Plush creme line. Troublemaker is more of a lavender and Prankster is a hot magenta.

If you’re a fan of matte colors, Makeup Geek also has a Plush Matte line. The colors in both lines are different (including a bold matte indigo), so you can enjoy them in each.

Products in either line costs $14, so they’re more than your drugstore brands. But the way Plush Creme feels is just amazing, and they’re cruelty-free and vegan. Plus, you don’t need to worry about any potential harmful chemicals.

Makeup Geek is a company I feel good supporting, and I definitely plan to buy (and review) more.

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