MegaLast Liquid Lip Color in Pocketful of Roses [Lip Week]

Date Tue, January 31 2017

In my pursuit of the perfect dusty rose lip color, I tried MegaLast Liquid Lip Color. Normally, I am not a big fan of Wet n Wild. The prices are low.. but so is the quality. I figured spending a few bucks wouldn’t hurt, especially because I had a ton of coupons to use when I bought this from CVS, which meant I got a few things for free.

MegaLast Liquid Lip Color in Pocketful of Roses

Outside (left), indoor light (top right), indoor natural light (bottom right)

I choose Pocketful of Roses, a shimmery, desaturated pink, which is closest to what I want color-wise — at least, indoors. Although inside photos really minimize the appearance (you can barely tell I’m wearing anything on my lips in the collage above), the colors shifts outside. It looks like a pleasant pink most of the time, but takes on a blueish fuschia hue in other lighting. Huh.

Although, I could do without the shimmer.  The quality and texture definitely leave something to be desired, however.

The color goes on a bit patchy, and the texture doesn’t seem to help. I’m not entirely sure how to describe it. It’s definitely not glossy, but neither is it quite matte. It feels dryer than it looks despite containing Vitamin E, which might be my biggest problem with it. Several other reviewers have noted how odd the texture is, so it’s not just me.

I often wear it with gloss over the top, which makes it shinier. Although, you might opt for a less shiny lip balm. It would probably feel better if I moisturized first, and that’s a good routine to get into whenever you apply lip color.

The texture isn’t really as sticky as some lip color, but it’s definitely not dry. It’ll transfer or smudge a bit. It also seems like some of the more vibrant colors will be obviously feathery, as you can tell from the product reviews on the Wet n Wild website.

I think that gloss makes it wear for a shorter period of time. On its own, once it dries, the Megalst lip color is quite resilient. In fact, I have both used a makeup remover wipe and washed my hands several times since swatching, and the color won’t budge. Although it looks more like a stain now. Keep some makeup remover at the ready to remove this color from your lips once your day is done.

Of all the items I’ve written about during Lip Week, MegaLast Liquid Lip Color smells the least pleasant. It’s not scented, and it’s easy to smell the chemical scent that’s similar to paint. However, I could get over this if I otherwise liked the texture and color.

I’d be a bigger fan of this liquid lip color if it wasn’t shimmery. I should have paid more attention when I was picking out the shade, but finding non-shimmery colors has proven oddly difficult for me in this hunt. Alas, the hunt continues.

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