Studio Gear Dual Identity Wet/Dry Foundation

Date Mon, September 5 2016

You might recall me working with Studio Gear in the past. I’ve had a chance to try their CC Cream and, now, their unique Dual Identity Mineral makeup. I was intrigued because the advertise four different ways to use it:

1. Mineral Powder: Keep it simple and buff Foundation into skin on it’s own or over primer.

2. Serum Foundation: Mix it Up with Revitalizing Day Serum to create custom, super moisturizing coverage. (Tip, you can also mix with your favorite SPF)

3. Mattifying Finishing Powder: Take it on the go to set your liquid make-up and stay matte all day.

4. Cream Contour: Mix up darker and lighter shades with Protective Day Lotion for creamy, blendable, custom contour.

Check out the following video for a rundown if you’re confused:

Now, most mineral makeup is actually multi-use. You can use it dry as a powder by itself (which I never do because powders simply don’t offer enough coverage) or layer it over liquid or cream foundation, which means any mineral makeup has at least two uses.

Most of it can be used wet, too, so there’s a third use. Studio Gear recommends at least four uses of the Dual Identity Mineral makeup, including all of those. The final suggested use of this mineral makeup is as a bronzer/contouring shade if you get it in a darker shade than normal and mix it with a cream lotion.

I got my Dual Identity Mineral mineral foundation in Linen. I’ve used the Studio Gear CC Cream in Linen, and it was much lighter than the Dual Identity Mineral makeup. You may want to keep this in mind if you’ve used any makeup by Studio Effects because your shade may be different in the mineral foundation than it is in those other products.

The unique aspect of the Dual Identity Mineral mineral foundation by Studio Gear is that you can mix it with their Revitalizing Day Serum to essentially create a liquid foundation. Studio Gear ent me a bottle to use for testing purposes, and here’s a bit of info from the site:

Revitalizing Day Serum is an exclusive formulation containing structural lipids, antioxidants, and natural botanicals that can help to visibly diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and protect the skin from oxidative damage and photo-aging caused by environmental stresses. Skin texture and clarity are significantly improved and makeup application is dramatically enhanced.

Studio Gear Revitalizing Day Serum

Studio Gear Revitalizing Day Serum

The bottle says you’d normally use after moisturizer, but you can also mix it with Dual Identity makeup to create a moist makeup. The video above actually indicates that you can use the mineral makeup wet with water, but I think you get a better texture with the Revitalizing serum. It seems thinner than liquid foundation, but the powder mixes well.

You’ll need to pay attention to the bases in your makeup because the Revitalizing Day Serum has a silicone base, so it’ll pair better with other makeups and primers that are also silicone-based. I used a water-based primer and wound up with some terrible patchiness because I forgot to check. And while I don’t mind cosmetics containing silicone, not everyone likes them.

I also didn’t love the process. Nowhere does it say how much powder to serum should you use, so it’s a guessing game. Even if I did know how much to mix, it’d be pretty hard to try to get exact amounts from either container. The Dual Identity Mineral foundation comes in a sifter that you can close up, but you’ve always got to use a little force to get powder out of the basin, and there’s no way to measure how much product is coming out. I’ve used the foundation this way several times, and it’s always trial and error.

Furthermore, there’s no easy way to mix the powder and serum. I’ve taken to squirting a drop of serum into the cap of the foundation container, then sprinkling some makeup on top and mixing it with my foundation brush. The cap is getting quite messy.  I also wonder about how much product I am wasting.

A little dimple in the container for mixing them would be great, and I am considering just mixing the serum with powder in a separate container so I always have some liquid makeup.

When I mix the mineral powder with the serum, I either use a flat foundation brush or my fingers to apply it to my skin. However, Studio Gear actually sent me their #3 brush, which is perfect for buffing on the dry powder by itself or on top of my liquid foundation. It’s super soft and may be my favorite brush to date!

DUAL IDENTITY WET/DRY MINERAL FOUNDATION, Studio Gear Brush and Revitalizing Day Serum

DUAL IDENTITY WET/DRY MINERAL FOUNDATION, Studio Gear Brush and Revitalizing Day Serum

After using the powder on top both the mixed serum/makeup and another liquid makeup, I can say that the Linen shade certainly seems darker when I mix the Dual Identity Mineral foundation wet and dry. In fact, I wondered if this shade was simply too dark for me at first. It’s actually quite flattering but gives a more made up/tan effect, so I prefer to use the powder with my regular foundation when I’m going for a more natural look. It does look nicely matte, however.

During winter, I will definitely stick to using the Dual Identity Mineral powder atop my regular foundation so I don’t look too “fake baked.” For now, I can still use my regular bronzer with the Dual Identity Mineral makeup but I could probably go a shade darker with the bronzer if I wanted.

I opted not to use this as a cream bronzer by mixing it with lotion because I prefer powder bronzer. But I bet this shade would work really well in the winter when I am much paler.

Overall, Dual Identity Wet/Dry mineral makeup has tons of pigment and is super fine. Linen specifically is a warm and flattering shade that mattifies well. I enjoy it over my other makeup and think Studio Gear is onto something by providing so many ways for us to wear our foundation. However, the serum and Dual Identity Mineral powder mixing process isn’t as intuitive as it can be. With some packaging changes, it would become much easier, and this would be a fantastic selling point!

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