Neocell Collagen Beauty Builder

Date Wed, June 3 2015

I’m back with another review of a Neocell product that’s designed to help you look beautiful from the inside out!


Neocell Collagen Beauty Builder

As the name suggests, the Collagen Beauty Builder contains collagen. It also introduces a few more substances into your body, which can help with hair, skin and nails:

  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Silica
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Biotin

I figured I’d give this product a try because I had success with other Neocell products.

My hair is quite short and asymmetrical right now, so I couldn’t pull it back to measure thickness if you wanted. I haven’t seen much difference in terms of thickness, but my hair does seem more voluminous, especially where it’s shorter. My haircut helps this volume, I’m sure, so I’m not sure how much of that is from the collagen.

Similarly, I’m not sure if my skin is “radiant” like the product description states. I’m young and have young-looking skin, so I’m more concerned with blotchiness or acne than anything else, and this supplement won’t help with that. It definitely won’t hurt if you feel like your complexion is more dull, however.

I’m pretty happy with my nails right now. The nails on my left hand are all past my finger tips and look great when polished! In fact, I’ll have to trim and style them because they’re getting long enough to be in the way. I did have a few broken nails on my right hand as soon as I started using the Collagen Beauty Builder after stopping the beauty chews, so those are catching up.

When compared with the beauty chews, the pill supplements just seem a bit more finicky. The instructions want you to take three of the pills twice daily. Six pills is a lot for a supplement, and I can never remember to take them twice per day. If you can manage to keep up with that — or even want to — you might see more progress than I have.

With 150 tablets in the bottle, this will only last you 25 days, and I think most of us are used to products that last 30 days/a month. It’s just convenient.

Because of this, I would stick to some of Neocell’s other products, such as the Biotin Bursts, which I prefer taking because they’re tasty and good for my nails, which is a more specific concern of mine. However, Neocell offers plenty of products for a variety of beauty concerns, including several in different flavors, so there’s definitely something for everyone.

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