My Organic Zone Dead Sea Mud Mask

Date Mon, November 6 2017

Can you believe I made it over 30 years (31, actually) without using any sort of facial mask? I’ve never had a spa day, so this isn’t such a big surprise. I was willing to try one, however, when a brand offered the chance to try a dead sea mud mask.

The brand is called My Organic Zone, but I am not sure what ingredients are organic or even what ingredients make up this mud mask other than natural silica. The minerals listed on the product page aren’t actually named.

The instructions say this mask should be used on a clean dry face, so I used it out of the shower, after drying off my face. I’m not sure if this mud mask can be used as your only cleanser, however, it would be nice it if could. I don’t want to add too much time to my routine unless the results are guaranteed.

The mask is thick and grey: you can definitely tell it’s clay based. It’s a little messy to put on. I suppose you could use a spoon or some type of tool, but I just used my fingers. It can feel a little heavy when it’s on, but I really wanted to make sure I used enough. Apparently, the instructions call for only a thin layer. Oops.

There’s a slight cosmetic scent, but it’s not overwhelming or bothersome while you have the mud mask on.

Once you apply it, you leave it on for 20 minutes max. It dries and becomes less moist but doesn’t really feel tight or make it impossible to talk or use your face. I did find that I had to be careful to avoid getting it in my hair (a headband is definitely a good idea) or my neck and shoulders.

You can simply wipe it off with a wet washcloth or even rinse the clay mask from your skin. I experienced no negative side effects. My skin can sometimes be sensitive, so I was glad to notice this.

My skin felt immediately softer, and there was no uncomfortable tightness after using the My Organic Zone Dead Sea Mud Mask. But what about longterm effects? I used this once a week for a month to see how my skin would react. The description says it can help with acne and wrinkles, among other problems.

Unfortunately, I haven’t experienced any reduction in acne. Nor has redness or texture seemed to improve. My pores definitely haven’t increased in size, so I’m stuck with the same oil generating properties. I really wish I had seen more longterm effects, but I didn’t.

One thing I noticed as I used this product was that it tended to make my skin sweat a lot. It started when the product was on and continued for a while after I washed it off, so I needed to cool down before I could do any of my makeup. This means I was adding even more time to my routine.

I might be okay with that if it did something for me other than a little initial softness.  It’s not like my face doesn’t feel soft after using my regular cleanser. It could just be that mud masks are more about the spa-like experience, and I prefer my home routine to be quick and easy. If you enjoy mud masks and the whole experience, My Organic Zone Dead Sea Mud Mask costs less than $15, which might make it worth considering the next time you check out from Amazon.

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