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Date Fri, September 2 2011

I used to wear lipstick every single day in high school. Black lipstick. And it’s a fickle mistress, let me tell you that. Although I don’t do a nude lip now, I moved on to glosses, many of which are close to my natural lip tone but add a bit of shine or intensify the color a little bit. It’s been so long since I’ve worn a bright red anything on my lips that doing so is pretty shocking and it’s been so long since I’ve worn lipstick that it literally feels alien to me. So while I can tell you that the product I received from Rimmel may be great for lipstick lovers, I’m still a gloss girl, through and through.

I was impressed when reading the information about Rimmel’s Moisture Renew Lipstick. The inclusion of SPF 18 is awesome and the ingredients (Hylaronic Acid, Collagen and Vitamins A, C and E) promise to moisturize your lips, not dry them out like other lipsticks. I could definitely feel the moisture when I wore the lipstick and Rimmel claims that using this product will help to smooth your lips by 65%. That’s also a definite plus.

When I put it on, it was smooth and easy to use. It wasn’t dry and solid like cheaper lipsticks. As creamy as it felt, it was still heavier than lip gloss, which I didn’t love. The “cosmetic smell” was also overpowering and, ultimately, this made me want to take off the lipstick. It was one of those smells that got “stuck” in the back of my mouth and it made me want to brush my teeth or rinse my mouth out. =/

Latino and Pink Chic (Lipstick) and SOS Red (Lipgloss)

Latino and Pink Chic (Lipstick) and SOS Red (Lipgloss)

Rimmel Moisture Renew Products

Rimmel Moisture Renew Products

I eventually wound up taking it up. The bright pink shades I received, Latino (240) and Pink Chic (220) weren’t super flattering. This season’s line-up includes pink and purple shades. There aren’t any really vibrant reds (on the site, at least) but there are a couple nude-type colors to choose from.

The last Rimmel product I received was their Moisture Renew Lipgloss which also servers to moisturize your lips. This thinner formula comes in a transparent, square tube with an angled purple cap. It’s great in terms of presentation. Mine is a bright, sparkly red called SOS Red (2773) and it seems like the reddest shade they have. Remember my first paragraph? It’s not the most flattering shade for me but it sure is fun.

Moisture Renew Lipgloss is really different because it’s creamy, like a lipstick. It’s barely stick at all! My lips don’t know what to make of that because it’s not quite as opaque as a lipstick, is super shiny and it rubs in like a gloss. The same ingredients in this formula promise to make your lips 95% less dry instantly. That’s a pretty bold claim and I can feel it on my lips. It’s almost too moist.

Like the lipstick, it includes SPF (15). Chapstick, for example, is right in that range as is the moisturize I use on a daily basis so I can’t complain. It’s more than I’d get with any other lipstick. It’s actually a pretty big deal because most lipgloss doesn’t contain SPF. Although a handful of department store/high end brands do, it’s a little harder to find SPF lipgloss from your drugstore so this is an excellent option from Rimmel and I hope they continue moving in this direction.

However, I’d suggest they take some cues from NYC and scent their lipgloss. The gloss has an unmistakable, although less noticeable, lipstick/cosmetic scent and I could really do without that. I’d also like to see an extended range in color as they’re mostly pink and red. A clear or light/nude gloss would be a great addition to the line-up.

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