Valentia Even Glow Serum

Date Fri, September 5 2014

valentia even glow serum

valentia even glow serum

At nearly 30 — as I keep reminding my mom — I have given very few thoughts to how youthful my skin it. You see, I don’t look my age. The women in my family tend to age very well. I am still often confused for a teenager. In fact, I might even age my skin if given the chance so as to feel less child-like. Well, okay, I wouldn’t go that far.

My one concern is my complexion. Even when it’s clear, it’s ruddy. It’s not an attractive look on someone as pale as myself. So I’ve recently taken to trying a few products, including the Even Glow Serum by Valentia Skin Care, to see if they would help.

There was another product I tried before this that worked well as softening the contours of those spots and reducing redness in the worse areas. I’ll write about that one soon. What you need to know is this left my skin improved before I even started using this serum.

After daily usage for over a week, my skin tone has remained the same — if not becoming a bit red again. I was hoping for a bit more from this product, but I do realize that it’s not the entire point and that a week is a short time period. Such is the life of a reviewer. I will continue to use the product for the full 90 days. That’s right, there’s a 90-day money back guarantee if you’re interested in trying this product.

And there are other benefits of this serum, which is made of 20% Vitamin C and has a citrus scent, that you might consider. These include:

Brightening skin
Keeping skin elastic
Reducing lines and wrinkles
Fading dark spots

A combination of natural ingredients including Vitamin C, rosehip oil and green tea extract are to thank for the effects, and the formula has been crafted specifically so this will all absorb into your skin.

The thin product does absorb well. I use it daily before moisturizer — and I may be able to cut out moisturizer because my skin seems a little oily — and it dries quickly. However, I am not a fan of the dropper. It’s too large for the thickness of the product, and a squeeze produces far too much product, wasting it. A swipe of my finger along the side of the dropper is all I need to apply to my face and neck. I’d love to see the company reconsider packaging.

like I said, there’s a noticeable citrus scent. If you’re not a fan, you might not like a product like this that goes on your face. It fades as the serum dries, however.

I’m always hesitant to place extra product on my face because of my tendency to break out. I’m happy to announce this hasn’t increased breakouts. It doesn’t feel heavy even with my regular makeup routine, which I like.

The Even Glow Serum wasn’t ideal for my specific concerns, but it might work for yours. You can purchase it on Amazon for $35, which qualifies you for free shipping.

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