Heartris Babydoll Tee

The Heartris Babydoll Tee is totally cute. It’s a heart, made of Tetris blocks. Get it? So I got it. I discovered this shirt at the Penny Arcade store a while back and bought it a month or so before when I ruined one of my shirts with bleach.

I don’t recall how long shipping took but it wasn’t long enough for me to be annoyed. The FAQs do explain that shipping “typically takes 3-7 business days for delivery.” I noticed immediately that this is printed on a Bella babydoll. I already have a few of those because it’s what the Diesel Sweeties store uses for their women’s shirts. The shirts are quite comfortable and of a medium thickness. It could just be my imagination but this shirt seems a little shorter than previous Bella shirts I’ve had. Maybe I’m growing (probably not, though )=). Either way, there’s also a red sleeved raglan and men’s t-shirt available with this print.

Anyway, I have to say I do wish the printed image on the front were a bit larger. It’s only about 6″ or so. A 25-5-% size increase would make the shirt feel a little more balanced. The red on this one really is as bright as the images indicate, too.

On the back of the shirt is a Penny Arcade logo. I don’t think the product description said that but I don’t necessarily mind. I think it gives the shirt so of a.. jersey feel. Ryan thinks it’s too big, though, but he can just stop staring at my back.

But I’m pretty happy with my purchase, overall. I think this design is really “me.”

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