Date Mon, May 12 2014
Get Paid to Write at HireWriters

Get Paid to Write at HireWriters

At the beginning of the year, my earning at TextBroker took a hit because they’re far behind with rating articles. I wanted to branch out to make sure that I would be okay. I found three new sites to write at, and the most easiest to start with was HireWriters. However, it has also been the most frustrationg.

Like Textbroker and WriterAccess, it uses a ranking system; although this one is a little different. You’ll see below:

Beginner – This is where everyone starts.

General – At least 3 completed jobs, with an average rating of 4.0 stars and at least on-time 65% of the time.

Skilled – At least 7 completed jobs, with an average rating of 4.1 stars and at least on-time 75% of the time.

Expert – At least 12 completed jobs, with an average rating of 4.6 stars and at least on-time 85% of the time.

You start at the bottom, making far less than 1 penny per word. I bounce between Skilled and Expert. Even the highest level earns around 3.5 cents per word, which is far lower than I typically receive at WriterAccess. However, I can easily pick and choose which to do.

As soon as you browse for open articles, you’ll quickly see that while the clients choose a word count, say between 150 and 300, the individual instructions typically want up to twice as many words. If I start out receiving poor pay for 300 words, why would I write 500? Unfortunately, there’s no way to report titles, rank instructions or rank clients, all of which which would pretty much curb this deceitful behavior by clients. In fact, the system doesn’t provide an automatic way to call in admin like WriterAccess does. So if you have a question about an article or title, you can send a message directly to the client. If they don’t respond, you can go through the help system and possibly wait several days for a response.

The response I typically get is to reply to the article and to use bold text in the article body to voice my concern to the client. This is not professional. This is not how the system should be. But if you don’t do that, the article expires. This would be fine if not for the fact that you are charged a monetary fine for articles that you do not complete in time. The amount depends on the overall payment for the article, but your account could go into the negative, which means you’ll have to work double time to make up for that if a client doesn’t respond. Because HireWriters allows article limits of just 12 hours, I have found myself in scraps because of this. Furthermore, you’ll want to pay extra attention at the time limits for articles and rewrites.

Penalties from Hire Writers

Penalties from Hire Writers

Because clients are accepting articles, acceptance rate is higher and more quickly than TextBroker or WriterAccess, where articles often go through an editor. Clients can also opt to give you a bonus if you go above and beyond or accept special requests in the instructions. I’ve received a bonus once or twice, which is also nice.

HireWriters pays via PayPal every Friday as long as you have at least $10 in your account so it’s a quick way to get a little bit of cash. But the amount of decent work that I consider to have reasonable requests isn’t readily available enough for me to make a living on HireWriters. In fact, I will look for work on every other site — WriterAccess, TextBroker, or Scripted — before I try to snag a title on HireWriters because of this frustation.


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