Glade Fabric and Air

Date Thu, November 10 2011

For whatever reason, I can’t find Glade Fabric and Air in scents that I like. This is especially frustrating because I am always finding coupons for these products but I don’t actually want to buy them. This is a double blow because this product is available in one of my favorite scents. What the hell, yo?

So, this is basically Glade’s version of Febreze, which has many scents that I like and can find. I’ve been using the Clean Linen scent because it’s what I can find. So much so that the throw on the sofa permanently smells like it. It’s a soapy sort of scent that gives me a headache if I smell too much of it but if I spray and leave the room, it’s not too bad.

I’ve used both the regular and “Tough Odor” solutions and I’m pretty sure the regular works better. They’re both lackluster at actually scenting the air, which is true of any aerosol really. Why do we buy spray air fresheners, again? The Tough Odor Solutions is really concentrated in the air but the smell doesn’t stick around at all. However, the regular concentration is pretty good removing smells and leaving them smelling like clean linen, as it were. Which is what you would expect from a product that’s supposed to eliminate the source of the odor.

Even without coupons, Glade offers a more competitive price so I’ll probably still with this product even though I don’t love it.

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