Hyperbole and a Half [Book Review]

Date Thu, June 22 2017

Do you guys know Allie Brosh of Hyperbole and a Half? She’s a hilarious blogger who, sadly, hasn’t been active for a few years. Even if you don’t recognize her name and haven’t read her blog, you might recognize her style of art that accompanies each post. It’s been used as many a meme (Know Your Meme has a good page on it).

So if you haven’t heard of her, now you have. I obviously had heard of her and have read every blog post on her site. I knew how hilarious she was. I knew she wrote a book, but it took me a while to get around to reading it. This meant it had been quite some time since I read those posts, which was probably a good thing.

Much of the content in Hyperbole and a Half, the book, is content curated from her blog. It’s some of the best, but not all of the best The Alot is Better Than You At Everything┬áis one example of a missing post. I suggest you start there. If you like that post and find yourself wanting to read more, maybe stop and buy or check out this book to support an artist, you know?

You’re going to get a great impression of Allie from her blog, but the book does include some new content, and you can curl up in bed and read a hard copy or on your Kindle, which is a little more comfortable than reading a website.

I read Hyperbole and a Half in just one or two sittings. I couldn’t put it down despite having read many of the “chapters” as blog entries in the past. I had forgotten much of it, but it was all funny. I laughed until I cried and then nearly puked. I had to stop for my own health!

Despite being funny, Allie tackles issues such as anxiety and depression and how they make her react to specific things in her life. It’s easy to relate to her, a blogger who is sometimes awkward, a millennial who isn’t quite sure how to adult and a dog lover who attributes personality quirks to her pets that might make other people raise an eyebrow.

Hyperbole and a Half probably isn’t for everyone, but while I know many people who don’t know of the blog, those who do never seem to dislike it. It has nearly a 5-star review on Amazon from over 3500 readers, so I don’t think I am alone in my enjoyment of this book.

I feel pretty good recommending this book when you want a quick, easy read. If you’re not a fan of light humor and short blog-post-style “chapters,” then Hyperbole and a Half might not be for you. But I still┬árecommend you read a blog post just to check.

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